Those Insightful Greeks/Self Help Mythology

Those Insightful Greeks
    The Greek mythology has many facets. It
entertains us with its picturesque details. It
inspires our poets and story tellers. It explains the
mysteries of the universe through the beautiful
stories. But most importantly, the Greek myths give us
an insight into our own nature. They teach us how to
act, and not to act, in order to be happy. The
following series of articles purports to analyze, from
an unconventional, and at times humorous, standing
point, several Greek ideas which are still relevant in
the modern times.
Breaking the Patterns
    Uranus, Zeus’ grandfather was a very bad parent.
He put his personal happiness above that of his family
and incarcerated all of his children in his body. He
was afraid to allow them any autonomy, so that he
wouldn’t be deposed from his lofty position of a
    Chronos, which many sources mention as Zeus’
father, and Uranus’ offspring, became a tyrant in his
own right. He, who suffered from parental abuse and
should have known better, repeated the mistake of his
sire.  Worried about his continuing leadership he
chose to meticulously control his own children. He ate
all of his sons, and was planning to keep them inside
for all eternity.
    Zeus, a son of an abusive father, and a
grandchild of a tyrant, broke the chain. A few
unflattering comments can be made about his character,
but one thing was clear. Among the uncountable numbers
of children he had, he loved everyone. Not once has it
crossed his mind to limit their freedom out of fear
for his own leadership. Even though his male side of
the family trained him in the tradition of abuse, Zeus
found inside the courage to rise above the
circumstances. He judged his children according to
their behavior, rather than the perceived threat. His
relationship with the two godly children sufficiently
illustrates this assertion. The ruler of gods disliked
his son Ares for his militant character, and favored
his daughter Athena, even though she objectively posed
a greater threat to Zeus’ own dominion aided by her
unfathomable wisdom.
    From a numerological point of view then, Zeus’
primary number is 6. He in many ways represents the
ideal parent, who gives his children exactly what they
need, rather than what they want. Ares, the god of
aggressiveness, always demanded some kind of war from
his father. Most parents would be too worried to
refuse the requests of their beloved offspring. To
them, denial of the child’s desire might indicate
their failure in the parental duty. The case is
different for those who have a 6 in their number. They
wisely conclude that sometimes temperance is the best
method of education. Zeus came to this conclusion
during the Trojan War, when his blood thirsty son
required more and more casualties to satisfy his
enormous hunger for pain. The elder god knew that
total freedom would ruin Ares, encouraging him in the
unhealthy appetite until it was too late to turn back,
and so he refused his request. Even while concerned
about the tension between himself and Ares, the
greatest of gods still made the right choice, as the
‘6’ archetype of parent often does.
    In his actions, Zeus hence exemplifies the most
balanced approach to breaking the patterns. He went
away from the automatically negative attitude towards
his children, but he equally rejected the temptation
of overindulgence. Many a parent, raised in strict
families themselves, will compensate for it by extreme
lenience towards their children. Not so the master of
the gods. He escaped the tyranny in himself, and the
possible weakness. He didn’t have any role models
among the elder gods, and yet, managed to develop a
well rounded and utterly balanced personality.
    None of us, regular mortals, can ever hope to
match the divine entity with its numerous powers. But
his most significant, emotional strength is in our
hands. If we choose to use it. This is indeed the
crucial factor. While we yearn for the freedom of
choice and are willing to fight for it, we are often
afraid to make the really important choices, if they
differ from the familiar.
    The choice doesn’t have to imply any physical
action. It might be just an inward decision to change.
A simple resolution to act differently would do, if it
is likely to improve the situation. It is an
incredibly great feeling to believe that we can change
our own position. Why wouldn’t we do then just about
anything to bring an improvement?
    Possibly, because the deviation from the standard
is emotionally uncomfortable. That is the reason we
would rather perpetuate the bad habits and pass them
from generation to generation, than stop and
objectively consider them. In fact, many of us use our
upbringing as an excuse to keep making the mistakes.
We are only humans, so it is understandable, we claim
to our inner critic and to others. We are right too,
on both accounts. But wouldn’t it be better, in spite
of our mortality, to embrace the greatest power of an
immortal god, and change ourselves for the better?
After all, our greatest right is not provided on a
golden platter by our heavenly or earthly father, our
government, or the United Nations. It is the right to
be happy. We have this right from birth,
unconditionally, no matter who we are, and only we
ourselves can exercise that greatest of rights.
    In the long run, Zeus’ emotional discomfort at
getting away from the tradition was only momentary.
His happy relationship with his children lasted
forever and it was the direct result of his actions.
He made sure, all by himself, to satisfy the strongest
of his needs. His greatness, therefore, didn’t depend
on any supernatural, undeserved powers. Essentially,
he is as strong as we are, or as weak as we are, for
he represents the human ideal. And if he broke away
from the negative patterns, so can we.
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Theories on Friendship, love and true compatability

So this is actually part of a personal letter I wrote to a friend recently. I thought the topics presented were actually interesting to ponder so here they are for your speculation or perhaps it will provide something interesting to chat about over tea.
Hm, a long time bff turned lover is always cool. I’ll say for sure if you consider him your best friend that is good. I married my best friend and we are great! Best friends with benefits. It keeps it fun and interesting, it doesn’t get old because…friendship doesn’t get old. You don’t tire of your bff the way people do when they just have a love interest, you know I see so many couples and I wonder why the hell they are together, they have nothing in common seemingly. We have one set of friends who are also a couple. That’s pretty rare for some reason. Being friends with the couple means either of us can equally chat up either of them and we don’t wonder why they are together because one is boring. You ever noticed that? That one friend in a couple is the friend while the other one is…well just there? Interesting thing that, but I think it’s that thing where they’re not really friends and have no real foundation. So they wouldn’t click with the same friends. Just a guess, though but the one out of the couple being cool thing does seem to be a phenomena.

Meghan, go back to Doo-wop!

When I first heard Meghan Trainor on the radio in 2014 I was blown away because of how different she was. She had a lovely voice with magic in it that she knew how to use. One can have a lovely voice but there is that extra bit that the greats have…Most of the time when I think of such greats I think of Steve Perry from Journey, Kevin Cronin from REO Speed Wagon, or Ozzy Osbourne…rockers. Of course Meghan Trainor isn’t like any of those guys, being very feminine but she had that thing that you stop and listen to, that special magical quality to her voice. You always know who she is and will never mistake her for someone else.
And then there was the all around sound of her music unlike anything I’d ever heard…unlike anything anyone has ever done! It was a thing that most people couldn’t make work…1950s Doo-wop mating with modern pop made a lovely child called Title with a huge hit called All About That Bass!
As an author who writes fantasy as well as horror and paranormal I get Meghan wanting to show all her sides and facets as a musician. I really do. But when you win a Grammy with something, like at least do a few songs like that on each CD so you can keep getting the Grammies or at least so that you can keep that THING that makes you quite unlike anyone else.
 I love all the songs on Thank You. I really do. So if this is the case why am I writing this article? Because though the songs are wonderful they aren’t anywhere near as refreshingly different as Title and Bass. Just they aren’t. Remember how Meghan got signed for Bass because no one else could sing it? Well…Yes. That is the entire point. I love so many songs on Title but could easily picture a lot of people singing any of them. Those people she was influenced by, those she originally wrote the songs for in the case of Kindly Calm Me Down…Just Meghan can be as good as the rest with Thank You or better and more unique and shine more brightly with work like Title.
Yes, Meghan. With Thank You, you showed the world that you can be just like everyone else. Well done. You can bounce it like TLC. I like them but you’re still better so be better.
She has shown her many facets in writing for others and I’m sure she will continue to do so. Again I’m not saying everything that she records Has to be Doo-wop. Just a lot of it. LOL. Because it makes her special and unique and damn it unlike anyone else and the reason L.A Reid signed her in the bloody first place!
With that being said, many of my favorite Meghan songs are on the album only 17, her final self produced release so go check it out. Not doo-wop, and very different, but as in Thank You the influences are there, but on only 17, she is being more Meghan in that I can still only picture her singing these songs.
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Delta airline warning+general airline crap

Someone should do something about the state of the airlines! Especially Delta! This blog is actually a rant email I sent to 2 friends when I discovered the awesome way Delta runs its shit so I figured I may as well share.
Be warned, there is anger and language but things you should be aware of when you travel.
So Delta is a cunt. I paid for a direct flight to WA and a direct flight back as in one fucking way. Great. I bought in what was it OCT? We get notified 2 times that it has changed. The way there is still cool but the way home we get a giant pipe rammed up our ass with no lube. They are putting us on the plane 2 hours earlier at 5 something which means we have to be at the airport at at least 4 I’d think, and then we have to fly to get set down in Utah.From WA to Utah just to get to OR! Just to get from WA to OR. And then there is a not so delightful delay before we get on a plane to go home. So we leave at 5 something and get home at 11 something at night. But as we are in the airport at at least 4 it’s probably close to 8 hours to fly what is supposed to be roughly an hour flight home from one state to the very next state. How fucking insane that they’d even pull that shit. I knew they could change flights if there was weather or a plane needed repair but fucking over a month in advance and this is bullshit. It’s Nov 20 when we get this info and we leave Dec 28 and return Jan. 2nd. So in Nov they are changing a Jan flight to this mess. I had Orbit check and even the next day or whatever there is always the Utah stop now. I am so enraged…I need to call delta and bitch for the sake of my inner peace but right now I am just not in the place to do it. If there is no way to avoid this shit no wonder people hate travel. And the dumb bitch on the phone was from India and her English sucked balls. I mean my husband is from Russia, you know that but he can speak and he can fucking understand me when I ask is there a way to avoid this pile of horse shit in the future or is this always going to be a thing? What I want to do is to get those cock suckers from Delta and if they want to go to the grocery store up the road make them fly to Africa first…and no asshole you can not shop in Africa while you’re there. Nope. You gotta go to the store you originally wanted…I’m just taking you around a lil first.
I just asked her if there was a way to avoid this in the future or am I stuck with it and I could not comprehend her reply…Like there were words but they did not connect to form a sentence I could work with so I said thanks and hung up. I don’t know if her English sucked coming out or in the in put of her understanding my words was just as bad so she didn’t really know what the fuck I wanted.

Abattoir- Horror Movie Thoughts

I would consider Abattoir to represent the genre of speculative horror. The plot centers around a mystery that is never completely revealed although frequently alluded to.

It has an original mythology of its own, even though it heavily relies on tropes of the past, combining some of the more prevalent ones, like Satanism or ghosts hauntings into a single coherent whole.

The movie seems to be aiming for a sequel, because the story remains somewhat unfinished, but not in any annoying manner, which characterizes some modern movies.

I liked the fact that the plot was relatively easy to follow, that the visual aspects were displayed but not to the extent of overshadowing the content.

I really, really liked the villain. Naturally, not as the person I would want to hang out with in a coffee shop. But he was every bit as striking as the antagonist of the horror classic, the Cabinet of Dr Caligari.  Horrifying with his appearance, intentions and motivation, not to mention his unusual powers.

For reference, I would loosely classify Abattoir, Death Note and the Ring as all belonging to speculative horror, even if the craftsmanship, and the consistency, vary from one to another.


The Risk of subscription boxes!

These days there is literally a subscription box for anything! It sounds great, right? Pick your favorite topic, put down an amount of money ranging from moderate to astronomical, and get a box of monthly awesome surprises! Because if the box is all about what you love, every item HAS to be awesome, right?
Yeah…Except not.
More than 2 thirds, and I’m actually being generous in my estimation, of the unboxing reviews I see on youtube on all manner of subscription boxes, the buyer isn’t completely thrilled. Sometimes a person really loves one or two items. Those one or two items actually seem to live up to the entire box of awesome one expects to get when choosing a subscription box that supposedly represents a favorite beloved topic, interest or hobby. For me all the money spent isn’t worth loving maybe two of the items in the box on a good day. So why are these people continuously wasting their money on these monthly subscriptions? Is it an addiction? Are they hording?
Or is it simply the thrill of hoping, like a desperate gambler in Vegas, that this box will have THE one thing that will make their lives complete? Is it the rush of hoping for that one thing that keeps them paying monthly?
I don’t know. I just don’t get it. That’s a lot of money that ads up on a lot of junk they wouldn’t have bought if they’d seen it in a store in most cases. I just watch other people unboxing the subscriptions that I think could be interesting, and if I happen to see an item I want (rare but it happens) I just go and buy it off ebay. Like I said, most of the stuff in the box a lot of people don’t want so those enterprising souls who would like to make some of their money back, put items up on ebay for people like me to buy. Trust me it’s way cheaper than getting a subscription box full of things you don’t want.
I get it though. If I found a subscription box full of all my interests, giving me thrills monthly, sending me awesome things I maybe didn’t even know existed, I’d totally buy it! It’s just that…it really can’t work that way. Because just because you love horror, for example, doesn’t mean you love all horror or want crap of all horror in your life. It’s as simple as that so if you don’t love horror, take the same concept I just provided and stick it onto whatever you love because it will still fit. If you love all things faerie, for example, it doesn’t ean you’ll love the lime green glitter faerie T shirt you’ll get. Or perhaps you have enough faerie magnets already and will scream if you get another. LOL.
And that last thought brings me to another topic. There is only so much of your favorite things you can love even if you are insanely easy to please. So eventually the subscription box items will pile up and become too much. Even those boxes I see that try to tailor the box to a person’s tastes will sometimes send things a person already has, or having to do with a thing they like, lets say horror, but in a format they don’t, lets say enamel pins, just for example. So even tailoring one to your specific wants isn’t a sure thing.
Because of this I tend to be smart with my money and save surprises for XMAS and my BD, trusting those who love and know me to surprise me with good things I love and maybe didn’t know existed. Just like a subscription box but for free and actually cool.
There are a few boxes I have actually tried, but those who have the option to buy just one and not lock you into a subscription that you have to deal with canceling. Those have monthly themes so one can see if they’re interested in that theme or not before buying that month’s box. I have had pleasant experiences but none to completely wow me. It was mainly a thing to try out of curiosity and as you can see I did so carefully. The boxes were reasonably priced and again I could just buy one and I was aware of the theme in advance. It’s fun when one has the need to take a little risk if a theme sounds particularly intriguing. So sure it can be fun from time to time. I just don’t see the point of the constant monthly boxes of crap and the fact it’s become such a fad makes people look kinda strange from the side…

5 more of the best Halloween songs you probably didn’t know about

Well there is so much obscure music that has fitting Halloween themes that we came up with 5 more for you. So if you didn’t see our first top 5, check this blog:
And now for round 2!
Again these songs should be suitable for most ears as they’re not too hard or too soft, though there is a bit of style and variety just to keep things interesting. When you’ve played Monster Mash and Ghost Busters to death and your CD player is screaming for relief down load these auditory treasures and be spectacularly spooked!
5. Ghost of Frankenstein by The Misfits!
As Frankenstein has become a Halloween icon, this definitely needed to go onto our list.
This rocker has a definite spooky feel and speaks of the wonderful book by Mary Shelly in proper spooky form as the creation of Victor Frankenstein, very intelligent rather than an oaf like in the film, bemoans his crewel treatment at the hands of his insane maker. Listen here:
4. Gremlins by Leslie Fish. Well, the title makes this delightful little ditty self explanatory. It’s got a Gremlin like feel and gives an explanation of why the little monsters are always making trouble that seems quite reasonable. Listen to Gremlins here:
3. Bloody Hammer, by Roky Erickson. This guy has a ton of spooky songs, living and breathing horror as it should be done. This sweet little song speaks of an insane doctor, demons in the attic, and a chained baby ghost. Perfect for a frightful Halloween, right? And best of all he sings it with feeling crooning your mind into the darkest of places along with him.  Listen to it here:
2. Moondance, Van Morrison. This song is fast and light footed just like the delicious quickening feeling of Autumn and Halloween itself. It makes you want to dance under the moon of Halloween reverie. Not particularly frightening, but Halloween does have other important emotional associations that we wish to appreciate and note here. Listen to Moondance: 
Before we list our number one track, we’d like to list a few honorable mentions.
Scream by the Misfits. The title says it all. Listen to Scream here, and maybe it’ll make you…scream: 
Harvest Moon, Blue Oyster Cult. This spooky band has come up with a perfect Autumn horror in the story told in this eerie song. Listen to Harvest Moon here:
And finally for our number one Halloween song you didn’t know about…*DRUM ROLL*
Samhain, by Heather Alexander!
I would say, considering the holiday of which we we speak, that the title says it all, but it even gets better than that! Not only is this song entirely about Halloween and having a minor cord spooky feel that creeps up your spine, it speaks of the Holiday all the way back to its roots. Harvesting and the final days of that in ancient Ireland/Scotland for the Celts. We even hear how strangers who come calling and asking for a seat at the table can be viewed as dangerous gods in such a time. So sit back, listen, enjoy and prepare to be spooky with our number one choice! Let us know what you thought of our choices after hearing them, please!

That’s just how the pizza crumbles//people rant

I’m honestly not sure if this is a food rant or a people rant. but…Wanting to please the masses, and seeing how the masses, for whatever reason, love pictures of food, and people to send pictures of their food to FB commenting to it, I did this. I rarely do and maybe never again, but I did this today. I sent a pic of the pizza we ordered from Domino’s. I put a joke quip up about my husband being evil for ordering it when I told him I was not going to and that I was being good. He encourages me to be evil with food was the point. But instead people focus on the damn way the pizza is cut into damn squares! I know some pizza places, a lot, okay most do the wedge shape, but Domino’s at least in OR, does damn squares. It blows my mind that someone was blown away enough to comment. Several times. LOL. To make it worse several someone’s. They chose to focus on this, to be bothered by this…what is wrong with the world and people’s minds?
Then they actually move on to the fact we put olives on the pizza. We like olives! I mean, why pick apart someone’s pizza? Assholes they are. Really, though, it does sorta scare me…what’s wrong with people’s minds these days? Really that they actually focus, hard and like it matters on that sort of thing! It frightens me and should frighten you. LOL.
Just eat the damn pizza, right?

Buyers beware of Douches who over charge for their craft

By craft I mean anything hand made be it a painting, a carved walking stick, sunglasses, clothing, bags and jewelry!
I don’t expect people to give things away as if they were bought in China, though don’t get me wrong, I do love me some Aliexpress! But I don’t expect everyone to do that. They’re not a company in China, after all. But when people jack up the prices of their items because they made them with their own pwecious wittle hands, it is so nauseating. Why? Because I buy from other crafters/artists, who charge far less for similar work that is just as good, that’s why.
 I even sent a very over priced piece of jewelry to one of the reasonable priced sellers from whom I buy and, attempting to educate myself, asked her why!
“Why is this 500 dollars and your items are 30 dollars or 40 dollars? You also use sterling silver and the wax method as they are doing. Am I missing something?”
I”m not a jeweler, after all, so perhaps I am. She looked and said no. That I was missing nothing and she had no idea why people charged that much.
Sadly designers do this, but right or not, and I hate it so I say not, I suppose they’ve earned the right to be a designer so okay…but these little small business uppity annoyances who put on airs make me dislike them and feel they’re taking advantage of people. At the very least they need to get over themselves and stop over valuing themselves so far above others. They should perhaps do their research. For example instead of charging over 200 dollars for crocodile sterling silver stud earrings, try looking online and seeing that other crafters who also made their crocodile sterling silver stud earrings are charging 30 dollars. People who over charge by so much should be ashamed and embarrassed and those who buy from them should stop throwing their money away and shop around for 5 minutes. I promise they’ll find far better deals. Money doesn’t grow on trees so why throw it away?
Here is one infuriating example. This person is grossly over charging nearly 600 dollars for a sterling silver ring. Nope, I didn’t say gold. You read it right.
I bet Godzilla would step on him first were he to visit Tokyo. LOL.
And no one needs to wine about slander or anything, as it’s a fact the price is nearly 600 for the same sterling silver jewelry making method many other people do for far less.
Just shameful.

The thing youtube doesn’t get about viewers and these bloody ads we can’t skip

The thing youtube doesn’t get about these long ass ads that we can’t skip is that many people will likely prefer just moving on to watch something else rather than watching a depressing long commercial about some medication or other. Sure they’re thinking that when watching T.V, not everyone can skip the commercials, but that’s one reason we all started watching youtube, and usually these days you can skip them on T.V as well.
Youtube is starting to slip and I hope they improve fast and remember what made them great. If not they’ll just end up like yahoo, vanishing in the quagmire of obscurity when someone smarter rises up to remember what the people want and give it to them. So many huge and eventually formerly great companies grow too many spider legs, try to change too much, and forget why they became big in the first place. They mistakenly believe that, because they are now big, they will stay that way forever no matter what they do. They believe that no matter how much shit t hey shovel into the mouths of their fans, or customers or whatever, that people will simply continue to eat it. Well that only worked for Steven King and it was based on hope. LOL.