Those Insightful Greeks/Self Help Mythology

Those Insightful Greeks
    The Greek mythology has many facets. It
entertains us with its picturesque details. It
inspires our poets and story tellers. It explains the
mysteries of the universe through the beautiful
stories. But most importantly, the Greek myths give us
an insight into our own nature. They teach us how to
act, and not to act, in order to be happy. The
following series of articles purports to analyze, from
an unconventional, and at times humorous, standing
point, several Greek ideas which are still relevant in
the modern times.
Breaking the Patterns
    Uranus, Zeus’ grandfather was a very bad parent.
He put his personal happiness above that of his family
and incarcerated all of his children in his body. He
was afraid to allow them any autonomy, so that he
wouldn’t be deposed from his lofty position of a
    Chronos, which many sources mention as Zeus’
father, and Uranus’ offspring, became a tyrant in his
own right. He, who suffered from parental abuse and
should have known better, repeated the mistake of his
sire.  Worried about his continuing leadership he
chose to meticulously control his own children. He ate
all of his sons, and was planning to keep them inside
for all eternity.
    Zeus, a son of an abusive father, and a
grandchild of a tyrant, broke the chain. A few
unflattering comments can be made about his character,
but one thing was clear. Among the uncountable numbers
of children he had, he loved everyone. Not once has it
crossed his mind to limit their freedom out of fear
for his own leadership. Even though his male side of
the family trained him in the tradition of abuse, Zeus
found inside the courage to rise above the
circumstances. He judged his children according to
their behavior, rather than the perceived threat. His
relationship with the two godly children sufficiently
illustrates this assertion. The ruler of gods disliked
his son Ares for his militant character, and favored
his daughter Athena, even though she objectively posed
a greater threat to Zeus’ own dominion aided by her
unfathomable wisdom.
    From a numerological point of view then, Zeus’
primary number is 6. He in many ways represents the
ideal parent, who gives his children exactly what they
need, rather than what they want. Ares, the god of
aggressiveness, always demanded some kind of war from
his father. Most parents would be too worried to
refuse the requests of their beloved offspring. To
them, denial of the child’s desire might indicate
their failure in the parental duty. The case is
different for those who have a 6 in their number. They
wisely conclude that sometimes temperance is the best
method of education. Zeus came to this conclusion
during the Trojan War, when his blood thirsty son
required more and more casualties to satisfy his
enormous hunger for pain. The elder god knew that
total freedom would ruin Ares, encouraging him in the
unhealthy appetite until it was too late to turn back,
and so he refused his request. Even while concerned
about the tension between himself and Ares, the
greatest of gods still made the right choice, as the
‘6’ archetype of parent often does.
    In his actions, Zeus hence exemplifies the most
balanced approach to breaking the patterns. He went
away from the automatically negative attitude towards
his children, but he equally rejected the temptation
of overindulgence. Many a parent, raised in strict
families themselves, will compensate for it by extreme
lenience towards their children. Not so the master of
the gods. He escaped the tyranny in himself, and the
possible weakness. He didn’t have any role models
among the elder gods, and yet, managed to develop a
well rounded and utterly balanced personality.
    None of us, regular mortals, can ever hope to
match the divine entity with its numerous powers. But
his most significant, emotional strength is in our
hands. If we choose to use it. This is indeed the
crucial factor. While we yearn for the freedom of
choice and are willing to fight for it, we are often
afraid to make the really important choices, if they
differ from the familiar.
    The choice doesn’t have to imply any physical
action. It might be just an inward decision to change.
A simple resolution to act differently would do, if it
is likely to improve the situation. It is an
incredibly great feeling to believe that we can change
our own position. Why wouldn’t we do then just about
anything to bring an improvement?
    Possibly, because the deviation from the standard
is emotionally uncomfortable. That is the reason we
would rather perpetuate the bad habits and pass them
from generation to generation, than stop and
objectively consider them. In fact, many of us use our
upbringing as an excuse to keep making the mistakes.
We are only humans, so it is understandable, we claim
to our inner critic and to others. We are right too,
on both accounts. But wouldn’t it be better, in spite
of our mortality, to embrace the greatest power of an
immortal god, and change ourselves for the better?
After all, our greatest right is not provided on a
golden platter by our heavenly or earthly father, our
government, or the United Nations. It is the right to
be happy. We have this right from birth,
unconditionally, no matter who we are, and only we
ourselves can exercise that greatest of rights.
    In the long run, Zeus’ emotional discomfort at
getting away from the tradition was only momentary.
His happy relationship with his children lasted
forever and it was the direct result of his actions.
He made sure, all by himself, to satisfy the strongest
of his needs. His greatness, therefore, didn’t depend
on any supernatural, undeserved powers. Essentially,
he is as strong as we are, or as weak as we are, for
he represents the human ideal. And if he broke away
from the negative patterns, so can we.
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If you’ve watched Howl’s Moving Castle, something may be wrong with you

If there is a hole in one’s life…a void shall we say, we could likewise call that wrong, yes? If one sees a movie and thinks it’s good because one has not read a book that is very different but even better…well one can make themselves whole and right again by reading said book. Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones/Best book in the world!
This book turned me on to this author, the best fantasy author ever for her beloved characters and brilliant plottage! Not a reader? You owe it to yourself to at least read this if you believe yourself a fan of Howl’s Moving Castle. The book is better by miles and if you think you like the characters in the movie they are but shades of themselves when compared to the book.
I couldn’t believe it when I saw the movie because it was so little like the book. Calcifer’s voice wasn’t even right and le lost most of his cool personality. Howl lost his charm and so many twists, complex magic bits and good plots were left out. I just thought the movie was Japanese weird and the book would’ve made a better movie had they just gone with it. Don’t get me wrong, Japan is awesome, but I mean, it’s just not fitting with the real Howl’s Moving Castle.
So if you think you’re a fan, read the book. If this pisses you off because I am obviously saying you’re not a fan and don’t know shit if you’ve not read the book, read the book! You will then reply to this vlog and thank e I swear you will.
The book is available in any public library but if you want it right now:
Now read it before Sophie kicks your ass! Cause she would, definitely.


So…Let me get this straight. We have freedom of speech, but we’re shamed for expressing it?
The public stoning that is spawned by social media is akin to the witch hunts of old.
This bullshit totally makes me understand how people really let Hitler’s insanity go as far as it did. People be crazy and they like stoning people together.

St Patrick’s from a Russian perspective

The Irish and the Russians really have a lot in common.

We are both grim peoples, governed by inclement weather.

We can both be conservative or liberal, you will never guess which based on our previous choices.

We both enjoy powerful music. Musical performances, strong tunes, ballads, touch both of our hearts.

We both spin quite a tale, not because we need to, but because we enjoy the process.

And this day, we can also join in a beatifully drunken reverie, because you know, that is where it had to end.

I say we are a match made in heaven, the Russian and the Irish, the respective governments just need to make it official.

Written by Gomez(A Russian) with the encouragement of Morticia (An Irish).

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all you bloggers of every nation!


Easiest fastest cake to make ever!

This cake is a people pleasure for sure. If you’re  a cook you’ll still love making this as it gives you a break from the usual baking, and if, like me, you’re not a cook, you’ll be in dessert heaven as you can make this delightful creation without cooking anything at all…what so ever…
It’s yummy, serves 4 to 8 depending if you want tiny pieces or if you really wanna be satisfied, and it takes like 2 minutes or less to make. Can this be for real? Yep. Sure is.
This will only cost you 2 dollars to make and you buy the ingredients at dollar tree! It’s awesome.
You will need: Dollar tree pound cake,
4 pack of chocolate pudding from Dollar tree.
(You can substitute any flavor of pudding you like, as it will all taste awesome.)
Slice cake into 4 decent slices or 8 thin ones and spread with pudding. To make it fully as delicious as it can be, use one of your 4 pack of pudding per 2 thick slices. If you make thin slices to feed 8, it’s a pack per 4. The pudding is fast and easy to spread.
Now sit down with a fork and enjoy your awesome pudding poundcake. Pudding is so good it makes fantastic frosting and pound cake is always good but so much better with topping. The two together definitely taste as delightful as expected.
If you enjoyed this do consider following us and checking out our other articles as we just write down what we’re thinking about at the moment. (Yes scary, right?)
If you have any 2 minute delicious dessert ideas you’d like to share, do leave a comment and we promise to try them and get back with you as long as they’re this super easy to make as we’re in the category of the not cooking at all. LOL.
Thanks for reading.

It’s never too late/childhood revisited

It seems when it comes to happiness people are always missing the middle ground. It’s so sad to think of the buoyancy of childhood and then the dull and lifeless drudgery that so many people turn their adulthood into. On the opposite spectrum of that sort of soul sucking adulthood is the child that never grows up but not in a good way. In an annoying immature dysfunctional never getting their shit together way that also isn’t productive and never truly allows a person to develop. So what to do to keep yourself happy and free with that inner creative spark and interest in life that you had as a child when adulthood claims you?
It’s about keeping the balance by combining the adult life with the remembered or at times discovered joys of childhood. Sitting down with a beloved toy or two after a shit day at work can really be soul soothing. Or fuck that, stick the toy in your jacket pocket if you want and take it along to hold during a break…in the bathroom or in a remote corner of the office where no one can see you…Okay now it’s getting weird, a little…
But you get the idea. The toy or toys bring to one’s sound the remembered joy of childhood and it balances out whatever boring thing may be going on so that you have both. It gives you the creativity and interest to make things better in potentially surprising ways. It’s nice to discover that you can surprise yourself.
Finding old toys from when you were a kid on ebay is always fun and quite possible. Also discovering new childhood traditions can be just as good and refreshing. Discovering new excitements that you may have liked as a kid can be more fun than you may think. It’s easy to say, “Yeah I’d have liked that as a kid, too bad I”m too old now.” But you never are. You don’t have to be.
I was born in Russia and we didn’t do the Santa thing at Christmas for example. I always wanted it, cause who wouldn’t want  Santa? My wife, being American, really enjoyed that growing up and wanted me to experience it as well. So she makes sure I get the stocking and surprises at Christmas as she did. No she doesn’t dress up as Sexy Santa, though that could be hot, but I get things in my stocking that I would have liked as a kid but can still enjoy now. Things that she got as we have so many common interests. Candy, little collectable figures, holiday nuts, it’s just as fun as an adult to receive these things as it would’ve been as a child. Granted the adult perspective is different as with maturation of the brain it just has to be, so yes the enjoyment is a bit different due to the fact I’m no longer a child, but it’s still there and it does give my inner child the Santa sort of Christmas he always wanted to experience growing up in Russia yet never did. I look very forward to Christmas and it’s great.
Recently my wife decided that she missed her cabbage patch doll so found a similar one on bay from the early 80s. She decided to get me one as well, saying I’d probably have had one as a boy as they made boys so that little boys could also have cool dolls to play with. Now we have matching cabbage patch twins. Cute little things with red hair. Mine is a boy with short curly yarn hair and I enjoy looking at him as it’s neat to have something from the 80s that I could have had were I living in US. I named him Dan and we get along fine. Do I play toy soldiers with Dan as I would have if I’d gotten him when I was 4? No, but looking at his silly grin is cheering and it’s another thing to keep me feeling young.
So if you miss your favorite toy, find it on ebay. It will make you smile and ad to your day daily. If you never got to do something you wanted to as a kid, do it now! Not it won’t be exactly the same, but you’ll still enjoy it even if differently and it keeps your soul happy. It keeps life interesting.
I think a lot of the reason adults drink and do hard drugs or even too many soft drugs to a too constant level is because they miss the natural joy they had as a child without having to get high. I’m not saying I don’t like absinthe from time to time, or a good wine or vodka, but I don’t need it to relax or feel happy because I keep my soul young with other stimulus and it works.

Could Luis Carrol’s Mad Hatter be one of the first Goths?!

Goth didn’t start in the 1980s or late 1970s as so many people popularly believe. Indeed it was spreading its wings in the 1860s in the mind of Luis Carrol.
The Mad Hatter is a truly Gothic as well as Goth character, When it comes to Goth, just consider his personality and clothing choices. I mean, if he had seen Billy Idol make up he’d totally have been down! Can’t you just picture it?
 He was into bats. Remember his song, twinkle twinkle little bat? No stars for him, like all we darklings and the Goths too he loves bats! And it only shows his good taste as they rock darkly!
His grim Gothic character shows through in the delightful way he insults Alice randomly during the tea party in the Wonderland novel.
And finally his riddle, “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” Ravens are as Gothic and as Goth as they come, and he could’ve chosen any other animal or bird, but nope, our Goth Hatter knew that ravens are the way to go, the bat’s knees as it were.