Those Insightful Greeks/Self Help Mythology

Those Insightful Greeks
    The Greek mythology has many facets. It
entertains us with its picturesque details. It
inspires our poets and story tellers. It explains the
mysteries of the universe through the beautiful
stories. But most importantly, the Greek myths give us
an insight into our own nature. They teach us how to
act, and not to act, in order to be happy. The
following series of articles purports to analyze, from
an unconventional, and at times humorous, standing
point, several Greek ideas which are still relevant in
the modern times.
Breaking the Patterns
    Uranus, Zeus’ grandfather was a very bad parent.
He put his personal happiness above that of his family
and incarcerated all of his children in his body. He
was afraid to allow them any autonomy, so that he
wouldn’t be deposed from his lofty position of a
    Chronos, which many sources mention as Zeus’
father, and Uranus’ offspring, became a tyrant in his
own right. He, who suffered from parental abuse and
should have known better, repeated the mistake of his
sire.  Worried about his continuing leadership he
chose to meticulously control his own children. He ate
all of his sons, and was planning to keep them inside
for all eternity.
    Zeus, a son of an abusive father, and a
grandchild of a tyrant, broke the chain. A few
unflattering comments can be made about his character,
but one thing was clear. Among the uncountable numbers
of children he had, he loved everyone. Not once has it
crossed his mind to limit their freedom out of fear
for his own leadership. Even though his male side of
the family trained him in the tradition of abuse, Zeus
found inside the courage to rise above the
circumstances. He judged his children according to
their behavior, rather than the perceived threat. His
relationship with the two godly children sufficiently
illustrates this assertion. The ruler of gods disliked
his son Ares for his militant character, and favored
his daughter Athena, even though she objectively posed
a greater threat to Zeus’ own dominion aided by her
unfathomable wisdom.
    From a numerological point of view then, Zeus’
primary number is 6. He in many ways represents the
ideal parent, who gives his children exactly what they
need, rather than what they want. Ares, the god of
aggressiveness, always demanded some kind of war from
his father. Most parents would be too worried to
refuse the requests of their beloved offspring. To
them, denial of the child’s desire might indicate
their failure in the parental duty. The case is
different for those who have a 6 in their number. They
wisely conclude that sometimes temperance is the best
method of education. Zeus came to this conclusion
during the Trojan War, when his blood thirsty son
required more and more casualties to satisfy his
enormous hunger for pain. The elder god knew that
total freedom would ruin Ares, encouraging him in the
unhealthy appetite until it was too late to turn back,
and so he refused his request. Even while concerned
about the tension between himself and Ares, the
greatest of gods still made the right choice, as the
‘6’ archetype of parent often does.
    In his actions, Zeus hence exemplifies the most
balanced approach to breaking the patterns. He went
away from the automatically negative attitude towards
his children, but he equally rejected the temptation
of overindulgence. Many a parent, raised in strict
families themselves, will compensate for it by extreme
lenience towards their children. Not so the master of
the gods. He escaped the tyranny in himself, and the
possible weakness. He didn’t have any role models
among the elder gods, and yet, managed to develop a
well rounded and utterly balanced personality.
    None of us, regular mortals, can ever hope to
match the divine entity with its numerous powers. But
his most significant, emotional strength is in our
hands. If we choose to use it. This is indeed the
crucial factor. While we yearn for the freedom of
choice and are willing to fight for it, we are often
afraid to make the really important choices, if they
differ from the familiar.
    The choice doesn’t have to imply any physical
action. It might be just an inward decision to change.
A simple resolution to act differently would do, if it
is likely to improve the situation. It is an
incredibly great feeling to believe that we can change
our own position. Why wouldn’t we do then just about
anything to bring an improvement?
    Possibly, because the deviation from the standard
is emotionally uncomfortable. That is the reason we
would rather perpetuate the bad habits and pass them
from generation to generation, than stop and
objectively consider them. In fact, many of us use our
upbringing as an excuse to keep making the mistakes.
We are only humans, so it is understandable, we claim
to our inner critic and to others. We are right too,
on both accounts. But wouldn’t it be better, in spite
of our mortality, to embrace the greatest power of an
immortal god, and change ourselves for the better?
After all, our greatest right is not provided on a
golden platter by our heavenly or earthly father, our
government, or the United Nations. It is the right to
be happy. We have this right from birth,
unconditionally, no matter who we are, and only we
ourselves can exercise that greatest of rights.
    In the long run, Zeus’ emotional discomfort at
getting away from the tradition was only momentary.
His happy relationship with his children lasted
forever and it was the direct result of his actions.
He made sure, all by himself, to satisfy the strongest
of his needs. His greatness, therefore, didn’t depend
on any supernatural, undeserved powers. Essentially,
he is as strong as we are, or as weak as we are, for
he represents the human ideal. And if he broke away
from the negative patterns, so can we.
Our fascination with mythology inspired, in part, an extensive acquisition of mythological items, if interested, you could share our passion for mythology with the following mythological haul:

Bellatrix Lestrange Rock Candy review!

This is a well made figure as are all of the rock candy offerings. Unlike some of the others, Bellatrix won’t stand at all without being on her stand, but once on it she stays well. Otherwise she’ll tumble over as if hexed. And speaking of hexes she’s holding her wand, ready to zap your enemies…or you if she’s having a bad day.
The figure is detailed even down to her famous bird skull pendant and her rings/bracelet. Her prisoner tattoo is also there and the Bella vibe is most definitely there. Like the other rock candy Funko figures she does not pose, but she’s so great she doesn’t need to as her pose is already very evocative of who she is, capturing the feel of the character perfectly. 5 out of 5 stars for sure, this figure is a must have for Potter and Lestrange fans!
Want to see her out of the packaging so you can check out that Funko Lestrange crazy hair? Check our video review here.

Symmetry in Dreams

Sometimes, symmetrical considerations help us, dream interpreters, to deduce the hidden meaning of the dream. Symmetry often points to the crux of the problem, if there is one, and allows a useful contrast between the symmetrical opposites, to clarify the contribution of both primary and secondary factors.

A case in point can be the famous Biblical dream of Joseph. 7 fat cows, 7 thin cows, that is a perfect symmetry, although the axis of symmetry and the nature of the contrast may not be clear right away to a beginner.

In fact, they were not even that clear to the well trained scribes who wrote down the presumed Joseph interpretation of the dream. The proposed interpretation itself only touches the surface of the meaning, and is patently incorrect, likely attempting to reconcile the dream with the, in all likelihood, historically attested plague that assailed Egypt in the past, to ensure that Joseph could have predicted the future, a feat which is entirely unnecessary from the point of view of a simple dream interpretation.

What is the correct interpretation then? It is simple when regarded through considerations of symmetry. The cows are the object of symmetry here. And the symbol is painstakingly clear, it is that of prosperity, as could be seen by regarding several cultures and the importance of cows in them.

The other element of symmetry is the number 7, at times associated with a kind of conflict, a military one, an inner one, or in its lesser form, a disagreement or a debate.

The assertion that the number 7 here represents conflict and not any of the plethora of the numerological associations, is supported by the image of one set of cows devouring another, itself a symbol of violent domination.

If we want to repeat the efforts of the Biblical scribes and connect the dream interpreted by Joseph to historical events, then the connection is also clear. A possibility of conflict, between two parties, lacking resources; all of this points to the battles between upper and lower Egypt, for the sake of resources.

In truth many dreams, even more practical and relevant to modern life can be interpreted in such an elegant way, because the consideration of symmetry and its varied uses is a great aid towards a proper dream interpretation.





Raven: Mythology and Symbolism

Ravens have a fascinating role in mythology, both the Greeks and the Native Americans seem to agree that they carry an uncanny potential, but could at times misuse their power, for which transgression, or sometimes dereliction of duty, they even change their color.

Based on the various raven myths from Greek, Norse or Celtic mythologies, ravens could be said to represent the ability to transform latent potential into actuality, for themselves and others.

A human who has a raven for his totem animal, might be very creative on the one hand, and yet be limited to some extent in their social circles.

A gemstone correlating to the raven energy could be tourmaline.

I could speak a lot about ravens, because they fascinate me, even their unique language, and they seem to return the favor. Whenever I leave the house, they follow me, and they even answer my imitation of their particular calls.

For others, presumably, because of their color, ravens could still be deemed the harbingers of evil, for me, it is pretty much like meeting a good old friend.





Breakthrough blind crafter

I’m not sure if I should really be calling myself a breakthrough blind crafter because I’m sure that other totally blind people have crafty skills. I have spoken on a that list to a few wood carvers, for example, when I was considering expanding my skills in that direction to create custom designed talisman jewelry from scratch. A few very knowledgeable guys talked the trade to me enough that I decided it probably wasn’t for me. Too many tools and I’d prefer a hands on class before investing to be honest, but they knew their stuff. while I haven’t seen or touched any of their work personally so can’t vouch for it, we’re assuming it’s decent.
I give myself the title, for the sake of this article, of breakthrough blind crafter because I haven’t seen/heard anyone else on youtube who is blind making D.I.Y videos anything like mine. I think with or without sight I make some pretty cool/unusual items. Purses from Steampunk purses and headbands entirely comprised of gemstones to name a few.
I didn’t think my ideas were too complex, but as I’ve not seen anyone else doing them, i am beginning to develop an appreciation for them and change my mind. I suppose when anyone     `has a natural talent it doesn’t seem hard or like that big a deal…which is what gives it the cool factor in part I think. I wire wrap gemstone pendants, make gemstone bead bracelets and sculpt wire into pendants as well, and again didn’t think it was a big deal. I don’t know a lot of blind people doing wire wraps, but hell I don’t know a lot of blind people in general, having always attended public school and having mostly sighted friends anyway. A few years back, though, my perspective on that changed as well.
My husband and I were members of our local gem and mineral society and I came to help them make jewelry for a sale. It’s fun because they have all the supplies, rocks, and fun tools that you can use all you like in any creative way you choose if you’re helping make stuff for free for them to  sell. So enjoying the creative outlet it was a thing I did for a little before I finally gave up on waking up by 9 AM or so to get it done because…lets face it, for some of us 9 AM is an ungodly hour in the middle of the freaking night when NO ONE should be out of bed!!!
So I’m there at the gem and mineral society wire wrapping tumbled stones into pendants. I tend to be a faster person in general, moving quickly and talking quickly, according to others, but it’s just my natural flow so I don’t usually notice. Apparently I made 5 really nice pendants in the time it took all the other ladies with 20 20 vision to make one. They were on about how fast I was, so this became another new thing I began to appreciate about myself that I thought was just normal’ previously. I assumed anyone could wire wrap that quickly, and some people surely can, just not most from what they said.
I personally don’t think that makes me special but loads of people seem to assume that not looking at something makes it nearly impossible to do. I feel that my hands often provide more and faster detail than someone’s eyes, but I’ve only had my hands to see with so I honestly can’t know.
Anyway, the point is if your creative, into making neat and different things, but also lazy and not wanting to put a ton of work into your crafting, check out my youtube D.I.Y play list below, because I’ve got you covered. After all, if a blind chick can do it…

Truly comprehensive tarot

In this article we shall speak on the deeper meaning in the tarot cards. The usefulness of a deeper understanding of each card beyond what you may get from the booklets provided is sadly under rated. The deeper your understanding, the more information your reading provides to yourself and others. I have done readings for over 10 years and all my clients are always amazed by how accurate each reading is, be it for good or ill. I say this because often I find people ask questions when they aren’t truly ready for the answer. I have begun to tell people that they should stop and ask themselves if they truly want to know the answer no matter what it is.
This is not to say the answers are always grim, but they do reflect the pattern the person’s life is taking and if properly understood can indicate clearly the changes that need to be made in order to improve the situation they are asking about. A less superficial and deeper understanding of each card will assist you in helping them to understand the advice given. there are many tarot reviewers out there, but few if any offer the depth of understanding on each card that I do so check out some of he links below and feel free to leave any questions in the comments if you’d like a deeper understanding of any particular card.Remember the more you know the more power you have over a situation if you are willing to use it.

Berry Delight

It’s June now and warming up for most people. When it’s hot who doesn’t enjoy something cool and refreshing to eat that doesn’t sit heavy on the stomach? It’s also very scrumptious and doesn’t take long to make which is a plus when it’ hot out and you don’t feel like ;putting a ton of effort into cooking. Another plus is though it may not be the healthiest thing in the world it is far better than a lot of desserts or snacks and best of all…yeah it’s a dessert perfect for your sweet tooth.
This has berries, cream and a little crunch so it is a total sensory delight for the tongue. Warning…it is addictive, though.
Here’s how to make it.
Use any berries you like or even a mix of berries.  For one serving fill a bowl a third with these then a 3rd with crumbled gram crackers then ad  nice generous amount of whipped cream and stir it all up…It is so easy but so good.

Get the best sleep of your life without taking sleep meds

Do you have insomnia or are you merely sleeping at the wrong time? This question sounds almost too basic or easy for those out there who have serious trouble falling asleep. Sometimes the most obvious facts can be the most illusive, especially when there are so many obstacles in the way. I.E If your job is one only optional during day hours, if your a night person or night hours if you’re a day person.
Allow me to pause here and define ‘day person’ and ‘night person’. A “Day person,” comes more awake in the day and this is when you feel most alive. Same for a ‘Night person,” at night. No matter what your life schedule dictates, the time of day you prefer is when your body naturally wants to be awake. Forcing it to do otherwise will result in poor sleep as forcing anything is never a good choice no matter the seemingly valid reasons behind it.
Our body has certain natural cycles that the modern world can not dictate. I.E when a woman naturally ovulates or when a boy’s voice changes into that of a man. These are natural occurrences within the body as are the cycles of sleep. Not every boy’s voice changes at age 13 or every girl’s cycle begins at 12. We are all unique and different so why force everyone’s body to sleep at certain times? It just makes no sense and that’s why so many people are having sleep problems. And again as mentioned above all for valid’ reasons of course.
By ‘valid reasons,” I mean things like,
“But I have to work at a certain time.”
“But that’s when everyone else is up doing stuff!”
Or perhaps worst of all
“But that’s just how the world runs.”
And we need no world change, right? NOT. Just keep in mind that medicine and the knowledge behind it continues so evolve. Often its’ easier to prescribe a pill that isn’t really fixing anything than to bother discovering the root cause and fix it. In this case it’s because fixing it would eventually cause some big world changes for the good. .I.E more jobs opening when everything in the world runs on swing shifts. With half on one natural sleep cycle and the other half on another, it is necessary for most every type of business to be open at all hours. Just think of the jobs and progressive options such would offer.
World change takes so much effort, though…Lets just start it one person sleeping better at a time. Lets start with you and the reasons you’re not sleeping up to your best potential.
The problem with taking sleep meds is they leave you groggy and interfere with proper sleep cycles that allow your mind and body the true deep rest it must have for optimal performance. Many people get this but feel they have no choice. The answer is to take a few days in a row off work, or on your next vacation, and simply allow yourself to stay up and active until you become truly sleepy. By “Truly sleepy,” I don’t mean the feeling that you’re getting tired and maybe could sleep. That feeling will usually just give you a power nap and have you back up again in a matter of a few hours. What I mean by ‘truly sleepy,” is having the feeling that what you most want to do is snuggle into your bed and sleep right now!
When you do this at whatever time your body wants to, those who tend to wake every few hours when not on sleep meds, will discover that they actually do sleep for at least 8 solid and uninterrupted hours. Could be 7, could be 10. It’s whatever your body naturally needs. Those who can’t even get to sleep without taking a sleep med of some sort be it prescribed or over the counter will discover that sleeping only when you’re truly tired is what allows your body to fall asleep properly. The reason you ‘Can’t’ sleep without meds is not because you have problems sleeping. It’s because you are forcing your body to sleep when it isn’t ready so of course it isn’t going to work.
If you discover that your natural sleep cycle does not mesh with your work schedule you may have to strongly consider a shift change or if there is none, for your own health, a career change to something at home you can do on your own time or something that allows swing shifts. Look around and you’ll be surprised at how plentiful both are these days if you’re willing to tread new waters. The Internet allows for many business opportunities and more businesses than you may suspect have both late and early hours. This is not to say that more world changes don’t need to be implemented with work and many other things in daily life to allow people to find their natural sleep rhythm. This is why, in order to become wide spread, modern medicine and sleep studies need to truly focus harder on natural sleep cycles rather than unnatural pills that give sleep that is no more natural than they are.

Who else is ready for Halloween?!

Though we, the esteemed, spooky members of the Jekyllhydeclub actually celebrate Halloween 360…it’s always Halloween…in the summer when it’s all hot and bright, we need to surround ourselves more thoroughly in the darkness…cloak ourselves in the spook.
In order to keep the Halloween vibe from melting away in the summer heat, we start our Halloween hauls, surrounding ourselves with extra chilling spookiness…and it actually works! Believe it or not when I plugged in my bat wallflower with the yummy marshmallow Autumn scent from Bath and Body Works and decided to make the manor all Fall like it actually cooled down here magically! It’s June and it would normally be like 100 degrees but it’s 60 and rainy. It is beautiful!!!!
Aside from that it’s always nice to keep the Halloween hauls rolling even when Halloween’s spooky touch has vanished from local stores. If you’d like to do the same we’re posting links below of our Halloween hauls of 2017. Perhaps they will give you some ideas and you’ll buy the same items. Perhaps they’ll just inspire you to find even more spooky items. Either way let us know by leaving a comment either here or in the haul in question. We haul all sorts of various spooky things so each haul is very different. Enjoy and stay frightfully delightful.

An Ode to Mortal Kombat X

There are many beautiful games, fighting and otherwise, but the reason I return to MK over and over again, is not just the graphics, not just the setting (beautifully reminiscent of some Lovecraftian ideas, Elder Gods, anyone?) but also the strategy.

Sub Zero may win me over with his famous ice ball, Lord Rayden with his spectacular Lightning, but it is the common practice of fighting that wins the game many times, the special moves do not hurt, but serve for me to complement the already developed idea for hand to hand combat.

As a fan of martial arts, I find it enjoyable to study in minute detail how every fighter moves, how their movements affect their opponent, how they can control the space, how they weaken their flanks when they strike, and what could be done afterwards.

If I occasionally beat even the hackers who have their characters maxed out, faction wars and Shao Khan’s Towers broken, and bone shields that seem impervious to lesser attacks, it is because I enjoy all the minutia of planning ahead, of having a well coordinated team of threes whose abilities complement each other and understanding how each one would, in theory, battle against an entire team of the opponent on their own.

I don’t know about you guys, but I enjoy MKX on many levels, and not the least of them having that strategy element that depends more on my skills than anything else. It is not incredibly different for me from chess. I know a little bit about every stage of the game, all the tactical patterns and that makes it easier to play slow games against almost any kind of amateur player, I don’t lose a lot below Master level, but fast games, is a different kind of ability, I have to get lucky and be already familiar with the type of position, reconstructing in real time from scratch only works against lesser opponents. So a surprising analogy perhaps, but on the deeper levels of strategy, I would liken Mortal Kombat to chess.


If you are a fellow MKX fan, perhaps you would share my joy at this Lord Raiden figure unboxing on Youtube.


The Unrecognized Power Couple of the Gods

Co-Written by Gomez and Morticia

To understand the origins of this power couple, one must reexamine the Medusa Poseidon myth with a less human perspective. Generally mankind sees something that occurs in their lives of an unwanted and unexpected nature to be a bad thing. Many would even go so far as to call it a curse. Often a desire can be granted in an unexpected way that is not always seen for the granted wish it actually is. Ever gotten unfairly fired from a job only to find a far better one that you like much more? Looking back that firing doesn’t seem so unfair does it?

Consider what Athena did to her priestess when said priestess and the goddess’s uncle fell in love. Medusa was ‘cursed’ to turn everyone she set eyes upon to stone. She was given a head full of snakes to tangle with her beautiful lustrous hair, and they would be a part of her forever. She was banished to live alone in the middle of the ocean as a result. To the unobservant eye it would appear she was dealt a rather hard lot while Poseidon was left basically unscathed. Is this just another example of it always being the woman’s fault, and the man never taking responsibility? Once again, this appears to be a very human perspective.

Instead consider these new attributes Athena granted to Medusa in a clearer and more flattering light. Medusa was granted by her goddess like power of her own in the ability to turn anyone to stone. This power can easily be used to aid her love, Poseidon, in protecting the sea and defending it from anyone who would cause it harm. Her new home being right in the middle of said sea, so always close to her lover also seems more convenient than a punishment. In such a light, what Athena bestowed on Medusa would appear to be a blessing rather than a curse.

There is more interesting supporting evidence to the mostly unsung love between Medusa and Poseidon in that they share many connecting attributes. Poseidon himself always dwells in water while Medusa is described herself as living on an island, thus close to the sea.

Aside from their geographical proximity, Poseidon having the ability to calm waters is perhaps not very different from Medusa’s ability to turn a person into a stone, which like the calm waters, can be symbolically said to represent the still emotions.

Medusa’s ability was widely used on Athena’s aegis as means of protection. Likewise Perseus the slayer utilizes her gift against the rampaging guests of Acrisius turning them into stone. Even though Medusa was supposed to be a frightening monster, many myths still mention her ability producing positive results when properly wielded.

Equally true is that Poseidon was frequently invoked by fishermen for help and ancient healing sanctuaries
might have been dedicated to him even before the spreading popularity of the cult of Apollo.

Additional connections can be made to indicate children they had together as well. The less known Krysaor becomes the king of Iberia while his brother, the famous Pegasos is associated with the Muses as well as the Spring of Inspiration itself.

In Greek mythology it is commonplace for marriages having being cursed by the gods to produce destructive, horrifying offspring or an entirely cured family line as in the case of Kadmos of Thebes. Clearly that is not the case with Poseidon and Medusa whose offspring perform valuable social functions instead of the debilitating ones that could be accepted from an unsanctioned act of coupling.

While it is true that Medusa gift is awe striking as is her appearance, such descriptions merely relegate her to the status of a recognized Other by humans, which according to several ancient civilizations, from Greeks to followers of Lao Tze, could signify a superhuman entity, a monster but with equal frequency, even a god.

In modern terms, the most famous of Gorgons may have difficulties integrating into society, but human rejection of her notwithstanding, Athena’s curse might contain in equal measure elements of perhaps unwanted and yet useful gift that ensures her status as much as it does her power, making her a worthy partner to one of the most interesting Olympians.

We are fans of mythology, as could be witnessed from our articles. If you’d like to see some mythology related videos we posted on youtube, here are two dedicated to Medusa and her child:
Morticia also has a large Medusa ring you might be interested to watch in this video: