Maleficent Movie Review

Well, only the laziest of studios have not explored the fairy tale gravy train recently, but this movie actually does a decent original retelling. The figure of Maleficent herself, her relationship with Disney’s traditional character, Princess Aurora, is delightfully unpredictable.

Beautiful special effects, gothic flair, delightful creatures and a well rounded titular character. I think Maleficent the movie delivered on the promise of Winter Wars that fell flat in comparison. I would recommend it to those who still appreciate a good fairy tale whether they are still young or at least remember being young:)


Tin Man Miniseries Review

It is never an easy feat to step into some big shoes, and few shoes are bigger than those of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. Tin Man, a 2007 miniseries, manages the job fairly well.

Zooey Deschanel, best known for playing Jess in the New Girl, had both her good and her bad moments of playing the Dorothy equivalent, D.G. but overall, even the cliches did not detract from the overall pleasing impression.

The Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow, are all reimagined in creative ways, and the Wicked Witch of the West part was simply breathtaking. The producers wanted to have something evil and diabolical, and I think they managed it exquisitely well. This is not your kid friendly witch who can be even laughable with passage of time, she means business, and is very dark even by my gothically inclined standards.

An interesting family dynamics, inner journey, different, unusual but not too crazy settings,  with some visual effects thrown into the mix. I am only sorry the mini series ended so soon, four days after watching it, the unexpected twist is still very much on my mind, and that kind of an impact has to imply a great show, even it if was short lived. Currently available on Netflix and highly recommended for lovers of fantasy and horror alike.