Rumplestiltskin (1987) Review

The movie starts out on a good note, with the introduction of the charismatic figure of the little creature by the name of Rumplestiltskin. Loosely based on one of the several versions of a German fairy tale, the creature is shown true to his nature: mischievous, entertaining, powerful and yet abiding by the certain unbreakable laws of magic.

His human antagonists seem flat in comparison. The miller’s daughter is appropriately naive and beautiful but also somewhat dull. The prince is noble but I only get a sense of his personality through his relationship with the heroine, by himself he lacks depth.

The atmosphere of the movie is crafted well, the Gothic setting is reminiscent of the pastoral ideas within the German Romantic period, but the music fails to match the tone, its delivery is technically acceptable yet lacks the soul and comes off more childish than it should have. Fairy tales are not always for the faint hearted after all  and could be enjoyed by adults when done right.

The king is given a name in the movie and it resembles a certain well known Hungarian name, which seems like a nice enough touch, to establish the Geographic proximity to Germany perhaps.

The conclusion of the movie is very similar to the fairy tale itself, with but a slight alteration in the naming challenge which was amusing.

Overall, the movie definitely deserves a three star rating. The acting and the plot were both passable, with Rumplestiltskin himself favorably showcased and some scenes in it can be tentatively recommended to lovers of fairy tales.