Who else is ready for Halloween?!

Though we, the esteemed, spooky members of the Jekyllhydeclub actually celebrate Halloween 360…it’s always Halloween…in the summer when it’s all hot and bright, we need to surround ourselves more thoroughly in the darkness…cloak ourselves in the spook.
In order to keep the Halloween vibe from melting away in the summer heat, we start our Halloween hauls, surrounding ourselves with extra chilling spookiness…and it actually works! Believe it or not when I plugged in my bat wallflower with the yummy marshmallow Autumn scent from Bath and Body Works and decided to make the manor all Fall like it actually cooled down here magically! It’s June and it would normally be like 100 degrees but it’s 60 and rainy. It is beautiful!!!!
Aside from that it’s always nice to keep the Halloween hauls rolling even when Halloween’s spooky touch has vanished from local stores. If you’d like to do the same we’re posting links below of our Halloween hauls of 2017. Perhaps they will give you some ideas and you’ll buy the same items. Perhaps they’ll just inspire you to find even more spooky items. Either way let us know by leaving a comment either here or in the haul in question. We haul all sorts of various spooky things so each haul is very different. Enjoy and stay frightfully delightful.

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