Get the best sleep of your life without taking sleep meds

Do you have insomnia or are you merely sleeping at the wrong time? This question sounds almost too basic or easy for those out there who have serious trouble falling asleep. Sometimes the most obvious facts can be the most illusive, especially when there are so many obstacles in the way. I.E If your job is one only optional during day hours, if your a night person or night hours if you’re a day person.
Allow me to pause here and define ‘day person’ and ‘night person’. A “Day person,” comes more awake in the day and this is when you feel most alive. Same for a ‘Night person,” at night. No matter what your life schedule dictates, the time of day you prefer is when your body naturally wants to be awake. Forcing it to do otherwise will result in poor sleep as forcing anything is never a good choice no matter the seemingly valid reasons behind it.
Our body has certain natural cycles that the modern world can not dictate. I.E when a woman naturally ovulates or when a boy’s voice changes into that of a man. These are natural occurrences within the body as are the cycles of sleep. Not every boy’s voice changes at age 13 or every girl’s cycle begins at 12. We are all unique and different so why force everyone’s body to sleep at certain times? It just makes no sense and that’s why so many people are having sleep problems. And again as mentioned above all for valid’ reasons of course.
By ‘valid reasons,” I mean things like,
“But I have to work at a certain time.”
“But that’s when everyone else is up doing stuff!”
Or perhaps worst of all
“But that’s just how the world runs.”
And we need no world change, right? NOT. Just keep in mind that medicine and the knowledge behind it continues so evolve. Often its’ easier to prescribe a pill that isn’t really fixing anything than to bother discovering the root cause and fix it. In this case it’s because fixing it would eventually cause some big world changes for the good. .I.E more jobs opening when everything in the world runs on swing shifts. With half on one natural sleep cycle and the other half on another, it is necessary for most every type of business to be open at all hours. Just think of the jobs and progressive options such would offer.
World change takes so much effort, though…Lets just start it one person sleeping better at a time. Lets start with you and the reasons you’re not sleeping up to your best potential.
The problem with taking sleep meds is they leave you groggy and interfere with proper sleep cycles that allow your mind and body the true deep rest it must have for optimal performance. Many people get this but feel they have no choice. The answer is to take a few days in a row off work, or on your next vacation, and simply allow yourself to stay up and active until you become truly sleepy. By “Truly sleepy,” I don’t mean the feeling that you’re getting tired and maybe could sleep. That feeling will usually just give you a power nap and have you back up again in a matter of a few hours. What I mean by ‘truly sleepy,” is having the feeling that what you most want to do is snuggle into your bed and sleep right now!
When you do this at whatever time your body wants to, those who tend to wake every few hours when not on sleep meds, will discover that they actually do sleep for at least 8 solid and uninterrupted hours. Could be 7, could be 10. It’s whatever your body naturally needs. Those who can’t even get to sleep without taking a sleep med of some sort be it prescribed or over the counter will discover that sleeping only when you’re truly tired is what allows your body to fall asleep properly. The reason you ‘Can’t’ sleep without meds is not because you have problems sleeping. It’s because you are forcing your body to sleep when it isn’t ready so of course it isn’t going to work.
If you discover that your natural sleep cycle does not mesh with your work schedule you may have to strongly consider a shift change or if there is none, for your own health, a career change to something at home you can do on your own time or something that allows swing shifts. Look around and you’ll be surprised at how plentiful both are these days if you’re willing to tread new waters. The Internet allows for many business opportunities and more businesses than you may suspect have both late and early hours. This is not to say that more world changes don’t need to be implemented with work and many other things in daily life to allow people to find their natural sleep rhythm. This is why, in order to become wide spread, modern medicine and sleep studies need to truly focus harder on natural sleep cycles rather than unnatural pills that give sleep that is no more natural than they are.

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