Crazy apartment rental story of the week!

Warning. there will be language as I tend to do that when type/venting when annoyed and it’s expressive and shit…adding a greater depth of understanding…and flowers!
This is a story about my crazy land lords who really just don’t give a ****
Weird but true as all the things that happen to me are.
Because of my pushing a while back the owners of the apartment complex where we rent started exterminating for ants yearly as it’s an issue here. They put a note on the door 2 weeks ago saying someone was coming the next day to do it at 9 fucking 30 A.M on a fucking Saturday. First off wtf on both counts, the 9-30 and the screwing with people on their weekend to get this done. but okay, whatever. So time rolls round and no showey up. It was raining so I figured if they were gonna bate outside too they never do when it rains so  supposed they’d come later…on another day when it wasn’t raining. Well 2 weeks went by and no reschedule or memo from the apartment manager so I call the  owner and ask what’s happening with the ant bating and they say “oh they came and you were not home.”
 HELL  NO! I was home and fucking up at that ungodly hour letting them fuck my Saturday.
So I tell the owner she needs to really check into  that because someone is lying to her and it’s not me. I want the ant bate put down so why would I not be there? She says she’ll do that and calls back not long after with bullshit!
So they want to reschedule except I have to pay 45 dollars. Hell no fuckheads. I did nothing wrong so fuck you. Manager said she came with the ant guy and we weren’t home. Fuck you we were. Then I figured it out! Alas the explanation, the solving of the great mystery as to wtf happened requires a mild diversion, but the good news is this is where it starts to get a little weird and creepy. For some weird reason, this town is full of people who really like tap on your door instead of knocking. And by tap I mean literally very softly touching your door.Like the baby of a grown up knock…Like the baby Jesus of knocks…where he’s still a baby and all gentle and shit. Like if you’re not right there at the door waiting you may not hear them. Even pizza people do it when bringing food in this town! I think my husband hears better than I and when he was a foot further away with the t.v on at normal volume while we pizza waited he missed the tap and I heard it and got up to get the food. Just the people around here are always literally tapping. Like maybe they don’t want to disturb us, yet they want us to be aware they’re there so I guess we do have to be disturbed for that to happen because we sorta  need to know they’re there. LOL. Literally you have to be standing right at the door to hear it.
When it comes to ant bate people or anyone else coming with a few hour time window starting at 9-30 until whenever they get to our apartment, I’m not sitting there with no t.v no music nothing when they could knock hard or god forbid ring the fucking bell!!! Yeah there is a new concept!
In case you were assuming we don’t have a door bell, we do. Assuming we did not would be logical as everyone else seems to but it’s right in the middle of the door in plain sight!
Does anyone use it, though? A surprising few…No kidding.
And I swear in this town it’s creepy because it’s a lot of people who seem afraid to knock and unenlightened about the invention of the door bell.. WTF.
 So yeah after I got over the total WTF of we were home waiting n the ant guy, I finally figured he tapped and we were pissing or in the kitchen or something and missed the god damn tap.Why should there be a tap? Why not a real grown up adult knock or a ring of the door bell?!! When I shared this revolation with the apartment complex owner she actually said no that did not happen. She was not there, of course so how she knows that this did not happen is beyond me but people seem to realy love to decide what happened when they weren’t there because it’s easier for them…yeah, fuck off.
So today the manager, who came with the ant extermination guy the  time we supposedly weren’t home, came for something else, a water problem in another apartment, so they’re telling everyone the water will be off for a bit while they’re fixing this. She tapped on the god damn door sure as shit so then I was certain that’s what happened. she didn’t lie about coming to our place as I had originally suspected, but she did tap so lightly no one would hear her. I told her this. I was walking past the door at the time and it’s the only reason I heard her which I also told her. While I was at it, I explained what the doorbell was for and why it was a good idea to use it as well…and when she returned later today she did use it so progress is being made…At least a little. LOL.
 I understand the owners not wanting to pay the 45 dollaar fee for the  ant bate people to return as they did their part but were I them I’d take it out of the manager’s check because tapping like that and fucking me out of my ant treatment is just bullshit! And stupid!And generally just not cool! But nope, they’ll never take any responsibility. I just bought ant bate but as so ready to move as that shit pisses me off and they’re always doing something and I’m always having to force them to do the right thing…I.e with the mold situation last year I had to actually threaten the owner into getting a hotel for us and I was the one who knew what the owners legally had to do rather than them being aware. Not them. Nope they didn’t bother to check into what they should be doing, just thought they’d screw us over, but no, not into that.
But because I can’t make them on the bate thing they won this little round. At least she’ll use the bell from now on. Maybe. Hopefully. I am putting a sign on the door to remind people to ring rather  than tapping..sounds really crazy that anyone would need to do that but see above…weird tappers up in this freaky town.

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