Shop Gothic for less

We all love to follow the most popular Gothic shops and fang girl over all their delectable items. Only we can’t afford as many as we’d like  or at some times any at all. Just DAMN IT! Only there are many awesome alternatives that people don’t know about and I’m not even talking about buying on Ebay from China though that can rock too.
What I’m talking about is finding similar items as well as quality for a fraction of the price of the popular and awesome shops we all covet and adore. Below I’ve put links to some items I’ve reviewed from awesome bat bags to jewelry. I can’t put them all here, there are tons more some from the brands I’ve shown and some from others you’ve yet to discover so if you find the below links helpful subscribe to our channel and check the playlists from which these items came. You’ll be able to shop large and spend little, I promise!
Here is my favorite bat pendant ever! And trust me Alchemy Gothic and other such places would want far more for it so it’s a steal here from plus free shipping! I love free shipping!
A really neat Gothic bat ring with black stone from overstock.
And this is the most awesome purse ever because it’s shaped like a bat! It doesn’t have a boring square or rectangle look with a bat on it, it is shaped like an actual freaking beautiful bat! And unlike others from other popular companies for 50 and up this is under 20 dollars including shipping!
Here is an awesome bat pendant, a raven pendant and tons ,ore things this company has in high quality pewter, very much Alchemy Gothic in nature except far less costly again for pewter! You have to see it to believe it so watch away and happy shopping!
And who doesn’t love gargoyles, skulls and ancient spells?

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