Yummy Protein egg and seed snack, not for the birds!

This is fast, easy and yummy. You don’t have to be into cooking to make this happen and it’s good as well as good for you Fantastic for that pre or post workout energy boost or just that boost to combat the summer heat.
You will need: eggs
shelled sunflower seeds
sea salt if they are unsalted
Unsalted is best as then you can sea salt them yourself adding as much ass you like and you know the salt will be  the healthiest.
If the sunflower seeds are unsalted put them in a ziplock then sprinkle in some salt. Zip the bag up and shake well for a few seconds. Try a nibble and see if it’s enough salt. Start small so you don’t over salt as  little goes a long way and the first time will probably be enough salt.
Boil the eggs and peal them. Then slice 1 or 2 eggs, 3 if you’re extra hungry, into 4ths or so. Sprinkle each with about half a tea spoon of he salty seeds.They should stick to the white  and yolk of the egg long enough to get it into your mouth. Simple bight sized goodness that is so filling, good for you and satisfies the salty protein craving.
 If you like this boil a carton of eggs up so they’ll already be chilled in the refrigerator and waiting for you when ever you need this quick fix of goodness.
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