Top 5 awesome Halloween songs that no one ever thinks about

If you want some spooky tracks for Halloween that aren’t the usual standards but are still delightfully eerie look no further~! These are also great in that they will suit most everyone’s musical styles and tastes. Timelessly spooky, not too hard or too soft…Yeah if Goldy Locks is into Halloween these will be just right for her for sure!
5. I walked with a zombie, by Roky Erickson! Honestly all of this guy’s songs are perfect Halloween music! He sings about all things scary, but I had to pick one for this article. As zombies just keep…rising to popularity, his zombie tune seemed fitting. This song is so brilliant because it only has like 1 line, literally, and it still completely and utterly bloody rocks!!!! It is catchy, spooky and like any proper ghost will get stuck in your head and haunt you forever! Or maybe just on Halloween? The melody is haunting and beautiful, and the musical arrangement darkly perfect. Listen to I walked with a zombie for free here.
4. Devil woman, by Cliff Richard.  This song has it all. Witchy potions! A witch’s familiar in the form of a black cat haunting the neighborhood at the behest of a dark haired beautiful witch. I especially love the line about the crystal ball on the table showing the future, the past. Just spooky, witchy, catchy, not at all cute, and definitely perfect for Halloween. Listen to Devil woman free here.
3. Rickity Tickity Tin, Cover by The Women Folk. A million people, literally a million, covered this frightful Irish ballad, but I love this version. It is performed by women about a crazy las who did her family in in some spooktacular ways that are sure to give you nightmares…especially if you happen to have a crazy relative who don’t like you much, right? As The Women Folk say at the beginning of this delightfully horror filled tune, it is a duet meant for nails and chalkboards! Their version has the most old spooky feel so I believe it carries the intention of the song across most properly. Listen to Rickity Tickity Tin free here and if you want a spooky bed time story look up the lyrics while you’re at it. She even kills her baby brother! I mean…the las has no limits!
2. The Siege and Investiture of Baron von Frankenstein’s Castle at Weisseria, By Blue Oyster Cult. Like Roky Erickson, this band basically only sings Halloween songs, but I had to pick one, so here it is. Pop culture loves to put Frankenstein into the Halloween mix, and this song is about him…more true to the book in wording and old world feel, it’s like you’re taking a spooky trip right back to the early 1800s. Listen to s
The Siege and Investiture of Baron von Frankenstein’s Castle at Weisseria free here:
1. Happy Phantom, By Tori Amos. While this fantastic lady’s general dark lyrics and classic style make her generally perfect Victorian Gothic music, I always wondered why this particular dark little ditty wasn’t on a ton of Halloween CDS already. It’s one of those darkly cheerful songs that has you feeling good about the day when you become a ghost…or rather a happy phantom. Listen to Happy Phantom free here:
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Meaning of rabbits in season of the witch

“Two rabbits running in the ditch,” goes the line in that delightfully spooky song Season of the Witch by Donovan. Rabbits are also shown in some Fall motifs. As we often associate rabbits with Spring, Easter and fertility I never particularly thought of them as a fall representation until that song…
Then I put some thought into why. Rabbits symbolize fertility and boundless energy. The harvest, the season of the witch, is the culmination of all the growing after Spring planting. The harvest also requires energy to reap. It also symbolizes fertility because we also want a fertile plentiful harvest. A good fertile Spring makes for a good Harvest.

Best Halloween songs

People like us over at Jekyllhydeclub on youtube are already getting ready for Halloween. As items begin showing up in the stores, the delicious spooky feeling takes us over, and it’s just how we like it! Halloween hauls begin and the spooky music comes out even more frequently than usual. Autumn is coming and so are the spooks. This article is in response/food for thought for the 2 different sorts of articles that are written on the topic of Halloween music.
 The first is the sort listing all the Halloween songs we know and love as those to feature at your party. I.E Monster Mash, Love Potion Number 9, Thriller, and you get the point. That’s all well and scary, but we already know. Then there are the articles offering unknown songs as the ones to go for at your party. Songs that no one knows are really gonna get things moving. Right. Not. No one is gonna throw down to some weird tunes they’ve never heard before and that sound more weird than particularly spooky. Also those unknown songs are reported to be somehow better than Ghost Busters, I Put a Spell on You, and Purple People Eater because they are more twisted and horrifying and screwed up.So…when did Halloween stop being Spooky dark fun that could end in tricks or treats and become twisted, horrifying and screwed up? The answer is it didn’t, so people who bash the good Halloween spooky songs in favor of, for example, Throbbing Gristle, are missing the point of Halloween entirely.
 I mean come on people! I’m more into Throbbing Gristle and that sort of thing for Easter. HAHA, just kidding. But truly Twisted Dark, Morbid and Horrifying aren’t really suitable for Halloween any more than they are for Easter. People who believe otherwise don’t understand the true SPIRIT, as it were, of Halloween. When they write articles about such songs being too scary for Halloween they’re exactly right. Halloween can be scary but scary and twisted are different though they can at times hang out together when the mood strikes. Just not necessarily on Halloween.
The people who bash the traditional Halloween songs like Nosferatu, Night of the Vampire, and Ghost of John because they’re not sick enough can’t appreciate spooky over straight twisted horror. I’m not bashing twisted horror. I love me some Clive Barker as much as anyone…He’s just not what comes to mind on Halloween. The traditional songs leave you creeped out but in a delightful sort of way. If this wasn’t the way it should be, there wouldn’t be Halloween parties…There would only be Halloween slaughters. I mean it’s not rocket science.
I saw one article saying people only play those songs during the Halloween season and not all year, and somehow for them, this made the songs unsuitable for Halloween. Um…Okay? First of all I do play them all year just as I leave up Halloween decorations, but those who don’t, feel it’s more special to do such things only in the Autumn. To appreciate them more. I do play them even more frequently around that time of year to make it more…special.
You don’t see Santa’s elves rockin’ out to Jingle Bells in May, after all. Okay you really don’t SEE Santa’s elves precisely but…you get the point. It’s called Seasonal Music for a reason! Hello!