The Myths About Youtube SEO

So many Youtube channels grow even larger by featuring their Top 5, or Top 10 SEO tips for  growing your Youtube channel. In my experience as a Youtuber many of them do not work, some a little, others completely.

1)They tell you to put good tags and good descriptions for your video. It certainly is true, but nobody seems to teach the art of doing it right, there are some basic guidelines, that may have worked in the 2010, the competition is too steep for simple tags to give a new Youtube channel a significant boost without lots of luck.

I have had some success with my tags. Our channel does not deal primarily with health and beauty topics, but for a short while, I was able to modify the title, description and tags for the video in such a way that Morticia’s tutorial came up before one of Zoella.

Those of you who know about Health and Beauty on Youtube, might realize what kind of monumental achievement that was, even if it lasted briefly.

What I did was applying my understanding of patterns as a mathematician and studying  in great detail how the search results are displayed in both Google and Youtube. I started playing around with different “winning combinations” of words and word order and changing Morticia’s nail tutorial accordingly until it started coming up on top.

2)They  tell you to promote the channel on social media

They make a tacit assumption that after a while social promotion starts working. But you are competing with millions, so it really doesn’t have to work unless you found an interesting way to be different among the similarity..

3)They tell you to join groups with similar interests. My experience is, it doesn’t help, those you join are often more interested in promoting themselves actually, whether they are people I would also watch or other small Youtubers who post their own ads, can subscribe to you, but provide no useful engagement that could contribute to growth.

4)They tell you to make great content….If you are an experienced Youtuber, you have seen bad content being widely popular and great productions remaining unknown. If you haven’t I have links, not of my own videos, for you to check out  and verify my conclusions.

5)They tell you to engage with people and that does work, faster for some than for others.

My own way is to concentrate on doing what I like, that helps me remove the pressure of success and does allow to find my own SEO tricks that work fairly well, not all the time, but often enough.

May you experience a similarly satisfactory success at uncovering your own truth about Youtube and making it work for you.

Just don’t let the ideas voiced by experts bring you down when they fail to work for you.

Gomez/Jekyllhydeclub on Youtube




Everything wrong with the so called Romance of Frankenstein and his bride By Ciaran and Coal Corby

For some reason when Frankenstein is seen in pop culture the bride always pops up in a romantic light with the creation of Victor Frankenstein. Like they are this cute monster couple bopping along. They can easily be found together on jewelry cameos, mugs, brooches, clothing, purses, even cute little sets of earrings happily promoting the stupidity that pop culture does nothing to hinder. This being that the creation of Victor Frankenstein, unkindly called the creature, has a romantic relationship with some bride. This could not be more incorrect. There is no romance, people! There isn’t even truly a bride!
In the 1818 Gothic Horror SciFi novel, Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, the creation asks Victor to make him a mate because, shunned by humanity, he does not wish to live life alone. Victor is fearful and reluctant, but the creation, obviously being far smarter than his father maker, eventually forces Victor’s hand. Only in the end, Victor refuses to complete the female and tears her apart in a fit instead. This is why the creation kills Victor’s new wife Elisabeth on their wedding night.
The 1932 universal film caps on this idea by having the doctor restore his own bride to life and she is horrified and doesn’t last for long. So…There is no romance between her and the creation of the doctor. In the novel the character never even exists, and in the movie only briefly. Yet somehow these 2 are unrealistically stuck together as the iconic horror couple when it should really be Morticia and Gomez Adams or at least Dracula and Mina!

Theories on Friendship, love and true compatability

So this is actually part of a personal letter I wrote to a friend recently. I thought the topics presented were actually interesting to ponder so here they are for your speculation or perhaps it will provide something interesting to chat about over tea.
Hm, a long time bff turned lover is always cool. I’ll say for sure if you consider him your best friend that is good. I married my best friend and we are great! Best friends with benefits. It keeps it fun and interesting, it doesn’t get old because…friendship doesn’t get old. You don’t tire of your bff the way people do when they just have a love interest, you know I see so many couples and I wonder why the hell they are together, they have nothing in common seemingly. We have one set of friends who are also a couple. That’s pretty rare for some reason. Being friends with the couple means either of us can equally chat up either of them and we don’t wonder why they are together because one is boring. You ever noticed that? That one friend in a couple is the friend while the other one is…well just there? Interesting thing that, but I think it’s that thing where they’re not really friends and have no real foundation. So they wouldn’t click with the same friends. Just a guess, though but the one out of the couple being cool thing does seem to be a phenomena.