Wanted to whoop ass in Wal Mart today

Does Wal Mart turn you into a politically incorrect individual in 1 second 
flat? If so I can relate. So I go to Wal to return a bra that fit at first 
then my shit was popping out all day. The golden ticket to an easy return is 
the receipt, right? That is the way, right? That's what all the cusatomer 
service Wal Mart gods always say. But like everything fucking else we're 
fed, that shit is a lie.
So I stand in line for 5 minutes and when it's my turn I proudly walk up 
and present my receipt. Customer service bitch asks if I have the tags. I 
say um no. I thought it fit and I'm not going around all day with a bra 
poking me with tags for no logical reason what so ever. I mean if Sit fit 
why would I leave the tags on? I take them off and throw that shit away, 

 So then I'm stuck explaining that my shit popped out all day. LOL. She was 
probably jealous that her tits were nasty, old and saggy so she goes "Well I 
need you to go bring me one exactly like this from our bras because I need 
the tag."

The cusatomer service gods of Wal Mart talk a lot about having the reciept 
when returning a product but never before have I heard mention of a fucking 
tag so someone needs to fix that shit.

 I really want to say "Well bitch if you want it why don't you fucking go 
get it. I mean..."

But not wanting to get thrown out of the store cause I still got shit to 
buy, I go and spend 5 minutes looking for another shitty bra to match the 
shitty bra I am returning. Bring it back and do I get to go to the front of 
the long ass line simply because I already stood there for 5 fucking minutes 
earlier? Hell no. Unfair that is, people. I mean if you carry your bag 
around that you want to return, and go ahead and just get another bra before 
you take your ass to customer service cause you know what bullshit they'll 
pull you'll get in trouble for taking the shit around the store. I was told 
ages back to take that shit right up to customer service when you come in so 
they don't think you stealin' shit. WOW. So the moral of the story is dumb 
bitches get hired at Wal Mart, and  it's a fuck either way for you.

What I took away from the experience was...to buy my Bras at Ross + keep 
tags ffor a minute until you're sure you're keeping shit. Like wear it all 
day then toss the tag.  Here's to hoping this was helpful or at least 
amusing. IF so stick around + tell us if you had anything happen at Wal Mart 
worth bitching about.

Shopping online/when a picture doesn’t tell 1000 words

The old adage a picture tells a thousand words is often untrue when shopping online. Of late too many sellers post a picture of an item, lets say jewelry, that they blow up nice and huge so you can see it and all, but it grossly misrepresents the product. Said sellers don’t find it necessary to use their words for descriptions and then buyers order an item expecting it to be far larger than it is and are disappointed when it isn’t. Sellers get feedback they don’t like and it’s ugly for everyone. It’s sad that these days if the seller doesn’t bother to tell you how large an item is in their words it may be safer to write them and ask rather than assuming it’s even a 3rd as large as it appears in their overblown photos. Then again one must ask themselves, if the seller doesn’t care enough should we bother buying from them?

What’s in my locker?

So I am currently bored, screwing off, and not doing things that I should be doing due to the fact they all take creativity that I don’t have right now for whatever reason. In this state I watch youtubers doing the what’s in my bag randomness. I notice that a lot of chicks carry around the same junk so why keep watching one another, and then I realize that I carry around very little and it’s probably weird and boring. Like in my purse there are a few crystals right now and a dentist appointment card + a business card of ours for our youtube channel. LOL. There, that was fast. But it got me thinking about the crap people store and I remembered the weird shit I discovered in the bottom of my locker when cleaning it out for the summer a few years back in highschool.
It was weird. There wasn’t a lot of crap but the brand of crap was weird for me as I didn’t remember it or why the hell it would be in my locker. Like did I come to school drunk or something? Maybe, I’m honestly not sure…probably not. Anyway, what’s in my locker. Other than some misplaced homework (Damn I did do it after all!) and some candy wrappers, (they were yummy) I found like 32 cents in change (Why?) and a coat hanger! I never hung my coat in my locker that I can remember so yeah…not sure what was going on there, but the memory amused me more than the what’s in my bag stuff I was watching so yeah.
If you remotely enjoyed this or had some weird shit in your locker, comment or stick around and read our other stuff.

1 easy method for coping with everyday life

One thing I learn daily is that when I think I’m being whack, or messed up, other people tell me they often feel the same way. It’s nice in a twisted sort of way as while it’s a pity others feel shitty about doing basic things, it’s good not to be alone.
I have this thing where when I have a lot of rl business stuff or mundane life management stuff to do I start sulking the day before because I just don’t want to. Simple as that. IT isn’t fun and I dislike it and the next day there are like 3 or 5 or whatever amount of crap things I need to get done. It sours the mood a day in advance to start thinking about it.
And in that thinking I end up not thinking but just feeling rubbish. Then the next day either sucks, or it sucks and I only remember to get half the stuff done I intended so there is more shit to shovel the next day. Who wouldn’t want a better way, right? I’m never one of those to accept that this is just how it has to be. I tend to be a mental problem solver as I don’t enjoy feeling unpleasant so here is what I developed for dealing with such mundane trifles that still somehow manage to melt the mind.
Remember I mentioned that after  thinking about it and feeling unhappy I stop thinking? It’s not specifically a choice, I just get mind melted. Then due to not thinking about it enough the things don’t get done as well as they could the next day, thus more to do the day after often, and if not, it was still hard and stressful. The method I discovered gets rid of all that, though. it’s so simple and basic, but if one is bogged down and depressed about it already, anything small and simple even seems like too much effort. You gotta do this, though, cause it really works! Days are smoother and smiles are more plentiful.
If you have 5 things to get  done and or places to go make a list of those 5 things. Then make lists within that list breaking down each thing so you remember all the aspects of all the shit you have to get done. What is the point of this, you ask? Well having the list out there on paper where you can see it clears your mind of it so you don’t have to think about it or feel bogged down trying to remember it or stressing about not forgetting any of it.
Remember how when we were kids Mom would handle that sort of thing for us and then we just got told what to do? We’d do it and it was over. Well the list serves as Mom for us in adulthood. We do it up the day before the shitstorm and then we have it to refer back the next day so we dob’t have to think about it. Even more awesome when we don’t get enough sleep that night.
I’ll even give you an example list below and in it, an example of the list within the list so that I am sure to be understood. This really works and I want everyone to be able to utilize it. I was honestly surprised at how much easier and better things are my mood included when I don’t have my mind so cluttered. Thank you list!
Example list:
Things to do for Monday:
1. Pharmacy
2. Dentist
3. Call phone company
4. gym workout.
5. Safeway.
Okay that was the basic list. When making it leave plenty of space between each thing in case you forget anything you can insert it into the proper place and you won’t miss it later. Being organized really is the key and it only takes a few minutes. A neat list on paper declutters the mind which really does wonders. Here is example 2, with the 2nd part illustrated.
Example 2, complete: List of things to do for Monday:
1. Pharmacy: pick up scrip, buy tampons and eye mask
2. Dentist: Pick up scrip, make appointments while there.
3. Call phone company: renew discount, ask about hum in phone line, ask for test of modem.
4. Work out at the gym
5. Safeway: Get lottery board, salads from deli, starbucks.
See, not only is this a to do list but each thing is sub to do-ed as it were, so you don’t have to even wonder what all it was that needed doing while at the dentist office cause you just wrote it all out for yourself yesterday and there is no thought or stress involved. Just don’t lose the list. LOL.

Are social networks killing our communication skills?

One annoying thing I notice when communicating with people these days via social media is that they tend to be careless, overlooking half of an email, not answering questions which leads to poor communication on both sides. How can I communicate clearly, holding up my end when the other person only half ass answers things? Not well. It takes two, after all.
I think it’s a bit of an epidemic. It’s not just one or two poor communicators that I am dealing with, it feels like half the people with whom I communicate overlook half of anything I write. It’s so many that I don’t take it personally, but it does make me think. Are they simply multi talking when they should not be? Are they reading too quickly on their wittle phone screens? I don’t know and sadly don’t know how to bring it to their attention without seeming grumpy. Not that it isn’t grump inspiring, but even if people deserve it, they don’t respond to being grumped at.
So sadly I’ve resorted to dumbing down my questions and shortening my emails. It helps some. So if you are also having this problem, try being as brief as possible while not losing clarity. It isn’t always easy but it makes us think and focus and perhaps bring that focused energy into the conversation will help with general clarification.

If you’ve watched Howl’s Moving Castle, something may be wrong with you

If there is a hole in one’s life…a void shall we say, we could likewise call that wrong, yes? If one sees a movie and thinks it’s good because one has not read a book that is very different but even better…well one can make themselves whole and right again by reading said book. Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones/Best book in the world!
This book turned me on to this author, the best fantasy author ever for her beloved characters and brilliant plottage! Not a reader? You owe it to yourself to at least read this if you believe yourself a fan of Howl’s Moving Castle. The book is better by miles and if you think you like the characters in the movie they are but shades of themselves when compared to the book.
I couldn’t believe it when I saw the movie because it was so little like the book. Calcifer’s voice wasn’t even right and le lost most of his cool personality. Howl lost his charm and so many twists, complex magic bits and good plots were left out. I just thought the movie was Japanese weird and the book would’ve made a better movie had they just gone with it. Don’t get me wrong, Japan is awesome, but I mean, it’s just not fitting with the real Howl’s Moving Castle.
So if you think you’re a fan, read the book. If this pisses you off because I am obviously saying you’re not a fan and don’t know shit if you’ve not read the book, read the book! You will then reply to this vlog and thank e I swear you will.
The book is available in any public library but if you want it right now: https://www.amazon.com/Howls-Moving-Castle-Diana-Wynne/dp/0688062334
Now read it before Sophie kicks your ass! Cause she would, definitely.


So…Let me get this straight. We have freedom of speech, but we’re shamed for expressing it?
The public stoning that is spawned by social media is akin to the witch hunts of old.
This bullshit totally makes me understand how people really let Hitler’s insanity go as far as it did. People be crazy and they like stoning people together.