Where the best raven ring is and how to find it

I read a book once by a really great fantasy author named Patricia Wrede,¬†called The Raven ring. Of course the lead girl had a special raven ring, and I had to have one too. LOL. It is often the way that we are influenced by books or movies when it comes to the things we covet in the way of fashion choices. It’s like… “Yeah, now that I think of it, that does sound cool and I want one!”
So I hit Etsy and Ebay in search of a cool and affordable raven ring. I saw lots of raven rings in the hundred dollar and up range that weren’t worth it because they were just okay and only sterling silver not gold or anything and not even that huge. Not saying the ring has to be huge, just that if it’s silver and over 100 dollars it needs to be. Or at least super 3D like the little mini raven is hanging out on my finger all lifelike and stuff. But no, this was never the case and the 100 dollar mark was only the starting point. It went up to hundreds. And really if I am paying 100 or more for a raven ring I don’t want it to be silver or gold colored I want it to be black, damn it, cause ravens are black.
I decided I’d settle for a black onyx body and the rest silver but only found eyes of black onyx or black diamond and really the little tiny stones used for the eyes often fall out then your raven isn’t lookin’ so hot, and you paid a boat ton of money for it and having to fuss with getting it fixed. No, not going there. Not paying a ton for something I don’t really want and that is going to be a ton of trouble.
Then I saw a raven ring by Alchemy gothic but it was called a hand span ring and it was huge, and not really in¬† pose I wanted so no go there either. I also found some from aliexpress that were inexpensive and even black but just static pictures under glass and that’s not my thing either. So I gave up for a while, and then accidentally stumbled across another raven ring by Alchemy Gothic, the flocking raven ring. This one was it. Affordable, striking, 3D, even in a unique pose. It’s black and solidly made too! BINGO!
The band is about half an inch wide and sturdy, the ring make makes it great for either gender and goes well with dressy or casual outfits alike and as I said is 3D and in a unique pose. It looks to be in motion. So it is flying, which to me can be overdone and appear static, but this one looks to be in motion with the wings lifted and a bit forward. The ring is around 30 dollars, sturdy solid English pewter that won’t be bending or snapping off at the wing feathers, it’s just perfect. It is large at around inch and 3rd to inch and half, but I’ve seen and own bigger rings as well as smaller. So I think it’s big enough to be very visible and add that properly ravenly ambiance to your appearance while not being too big to wear other rings. I have a cauldron ring on thee finger beside it and the raven’s wings don’t overshadow the cauldron or half cover it thee way some of my even bigger rings do, for example my spider ring. So it is big without overshadowing the other rings on the same hand and I am able to wear other rings and have them all show due to the raven’s wings being up and slightly forward in that unique pose I mentioned earlier.
I felt this was worth writing about because it really is the best raven ring by far that I’ve seen in affordable, style and wearability. I sleep and bathe in this and it’s always comfortable and moving my hand or doing things is never a problem. If you’d like to check it out view it here on Alchemy gothic’s site. If you want to look elsewhere for your proper size or a lower price, feel free, this link is only to show you how it looks. This ring is not only available from Alchemy Gothic/Alchemy of England itself but from sellers on Amazon, Ebay and elsewhere.
Morticia, Jekyll hyde club

Etsy Purchase: Grimalkin

The Grey Cat, the fabled witches familiar has a long and dignified history, so we(Morticia and Gomez) simply had to get one for ourselves, in a plush form.

If you are into old lore like ourselves, you could find him here, on etsy:



Raven: Mythology and Symbolism

Ravens have a fascinating role in mythology, both the Greeks and the Native Americans seem to agree that they carry an uncanny potential, but could at times misuse their power, for which transgression, or sometimes dereliction of duty, they even change their color.

Based on the various raven myths from Greek, Norse or Celtic mythologies, ravens could be said to represent the ability to transform latent potential into actuality, for themselves and others.

A human who has a raven for his totem animal, might be very creative on the one hand, and yet be limited to some extent in their social circles.

A gemstone correlating to the raven energy could be tourmaline.

I could speak a lot about ravens, because they fascinate me, even their unique language, and they seem to return the favor. Whenever I leave the house, they follow me, and they even answer my imitation of their particular calls.

For others, presumably, because of their color, ravens could still be deemed the harbingers of evil, for me, it is pretty much like meeting a good old friend.