Medicom Gremlins Stripe doll review!

First of all if you want the big 12 inch Stripe from 1984 and either can’t find it at a even semi decent price or you’re willing to pay the indecent price and keep getting outbid, this 10 inch gremlins Stripe doll from Medicom is a good substitute to consider. He’s nearly as tall, only 2 inches difference, and he’s very well crafted and still new in box with no wear. WHICH when you’re paying a ton is nice.
Now just because this Medicom Stripe is lower priced than the 12 inch 1984 LJN, it’s still pretty bloody unnecessarily expensive for a 10 inch vinyl figure. I think a lot of Japanese made toys, Gremlins definitely included, are great but way freaking too over priced and! LOL.
The joints on this Medicom Stripe doll are far better done than the ones of smaller yet similarly made figures by Neca. Which is good as for the price you will want your parts not to fall off, yes?
His head turns, his arms move at  elbow and shoulder, his left wrist swivels, his ankles swivel and his hips move so if he wants to, he can do the Stripey dance….but I just asked and he doesn’t wannu.
He does and very well on his own, with good balance unlike many Neca gremlins figures as well. Not specifically bashing Neca, just telling you the difference. There are some good things I could say about Neca Gremlins figures, but enough other people already have so…
The Medicom Stripe doll even comes in a very cool looking box which I, consequently, turned into a candy container. I did a review for the Stripe himself on my you tube channel if you’d like to see him in all his gleeful glory out  of the box and I did another video on how to turn said box into a candy or snack container. I have a Gremlins play list of collectibles as well so if you’re as obsessed as I am you ay enjoy checking it out while you’re there.
Stripe 10 inch (Medicom) review is also available on youtube: