The Dark Side of Harry Potter

There are so many great characters in the Harry Potter series that could have been developed so much more than the were. Characters who were intriguing with depth to them, Regulus Black, Blaise Zabini,Aberforth Dumbledore, Millicent Bulstrode, and even Grindalvald himself just to name a few.
None of these characters got an action figure sadly, but there were some that did…also awesome and unsung characters that I would love to know more  about…I can at least share their action figure reviews with you, though and they are awesome to look at…Some may even call them fantastic beasts…and they’d likely get hexed for  their pains!
Check here for Kreacher, Griphook, Buck Beak and Kreacher…Yes I am aware I typed that twice…

Obscurus and Poltergeists

The concept of an obscurus seems in some ways similar to a poltergeist. Considering that form of poltergeist that is not a noisy ghost but instead the unbridled power of a child or young teen running rampant.
Both are extensions of the young person being expressed uncontrollably through invisible violent and angry outbursts.

Sharing movie thoughts on Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

The movie…
It was brilliant! Really enjoyed it. I figured out he was Grindalwald rather than one of his high ranking followers right before it  was revealed. LOL. Ah well, duh.
I do like him way more as an intriguing Villain over Voldemort’s static ass.
I found this movie far better and easier to watch than the last…hm, 5 Harry Potter movies…I mean movies involving Harry Potter to clarify. I think this is because the afore mentioned Harry Potter books were based on novels and poorly adapted/rushed/changed ETC and it just didn’t do it for me. While this movie was made as a movie, that wasn’t a book first. It is a story of how a book came to be that talks in a rather nonfiction sort of way about…yes, the Fantastic beasts in the HP world and where to find them. So this made it a far better movie to my mind and I can’t wait for more.
It was also very nice/quaint seeing the wizarding world of America and even better  in the 1920s. I love history and I love HP so of course HP history is intriguing!
I think thee couples in the movie were cute and better than any done in the books too but that’s just me. If you agree or disagree with my thoughts, lets chat. And as we’re  obviously both into HP, wander over to our youtube Harry Potter playlist
and check out our cool collectables. We’ve done several hauls with more to come. And I let the book of monsters maul me so yeah…