Breakthrough blind crafter

I’m not sure if I should really be calling myself a breakthrough blind crafter because I’m sure that other totally blind people have crafty skills. I have spoken on a that list to a few wood carvers, for example, when I was considering expanding my skills in that direction to create custom designed talisman jewelry from scratch. A few very knowledgeable guys talked the trade to me enough that I decided it probably wasn’t for me. Too many tools and I’d prefer a hands on class before investing to be honest, but they knew their stuff. while I haven’t seen or touched any of their work personally so can’t vouch for it, we’re assuming it’s decent.
I give myself the title, for the sake of this article, of breakthrough blind crafter because I haven’t seen/heard anyone else on youtube who is blind making D.I.Y videos anything like mine. I think with or without sight I make some pretty cool/unusual items. Purses from Steampunk purses and headbands entirely comprised of gemstones to name a few.
I didn’t think my ideas were too complex, but as I’ve not seen anyone else doing them, i am beginning to develop an appreciation for them and change my mind. I suppose when anyone     `has a natural talent it doesn’t seem hard or like that big a deal…which is what gives it the cool factor in part I think. I wire wrap gemstone pendants, make gemstone bead bracelets and sculpt wire into pendants as well, and again didn’t think it was a big deal. I don’t know a lot of blind people doing wire wraps, but hell I don’t know a lot of blind people in general, having always attended public school and having mostly sighted friends anyway. A few years back, though, my perspective on that changed as well.
My husband and I were members of our local gem and mineral society and I came to help them make jewelry for a sale. It’s fun because they have all the supplies, rocks, and fun tools that you can use all you like in any creative way you choose if you’re helping make stuff for free for them to  sell. So enjoying the creative outlet it was a thing I did for a little before I finally gave up on waking up by 9 AM or so to get it done because…lets face it, for some of us 9 AM is an ungodly hour in the middle of the freaking night when NO ONE should be out of bed!!!
So I’m there at the gem and mineral society wire wrapping tumbled stones into pendants. I tend to be a faster person in general, moving quickly and talking quickly, according to others, but it’s just my natural flow so I don’t usually notice. Apparently I made 5 really nice pendants in the time it took all the other ladies with 20 20 vision to make one. They were on about how fast I was, so this became another new thing I began to appreciate about myself that I thought was just normal’ previously. I assumed anyone could wire wrap that quickly, and some people surely can, just not most from what they said.
I personally don’t think that makes me special but loads of people seem to assume that not looking at something makes it nearly impossible to do. I feel that my hands often provide more and faster detail than someone’s eyes, but I’ve only had my hands to see with so I honestly can’t know.
Anyway, the point is if your creative, into making neat and different things, but also lazy and not wanting to put a ton of work into your crafting, check out my youtube D.I.Y play list below, because I’ve got you covered. After all, if a blind chick can do it…

The Unrecognized Power Couple of the Gods

Co-Written by Gomez and Morticia

To understand the origins of this power couple, one must reexamine the Medusa Poseidon myth with a less human perspective. Generally mankind sees something that occurs in their lives of an unwanted and unexpected nature to be a bad thing. Many would even go so far as to call it a curse. Often a desire can be granted in an unexpected way that is not always seen for the granted wish it actually is. Ever gotten unfairly fired from a job only to find a far better one that you like much more? Looking back that firing doesn’t seem so unfair does it?

Consider what Athena did to her priestess when said priestess and the goddess’s uncle fell in love. Medusa was ‘cursed’ to turn everyone she set eyes upon to stone. She was given a head full of snakes to tangle with her beautiful lustrous hair, and they would be a part of her forever. She was banished to live alone in the middle of the ocean as a result. To the unobservant eye it would appear she was dealt a rather hard lot while Poseidon was left basically unscathed. Is this just another example of it always being the woman’s fault, and the man never taking responsibility? Once again, this appears to be a very human perspective.

Instead consider these new attributes Athena granted to Medusa in a clearer and more flattering light. Medusa was granted by her goddess like power of her own in the ability to turn anyone to stone. This power can easily be used to aid her love, Poseidon, in protecting the sea and defending it from anyone who would cause it harm. Her new home being right in the middle of said sea, so always close to her lover also seems more convenient than a punishment. In such a light, what Athena bestowed on Medusa would appear to be a blessing rather than a curse.

There is more interesting supporting evidence to the mostly unsung love between Medusa and Poseidon in that they share many connecting attributes. Poseidon himself always dwells in water while Medusa is described herself as living on an island, thus close to the sea.

Aside from their geographical proximity, Poseidon having the ability to calm waters is perhaps not very different from Medusa’s ability to turn a person into a stone, which like the calm waters, can be symbolically said to represent the still emotions.

Medusa’s ability was widely used on Athena’s aegis as means of protection. Likewise Perseus the slayer utilizes her gift against the rampaging guests of Acrisius turning them into stone. Even though Medusa was supposed to be a frightening monster, many myths still mention her ability producing positive results when properly wielded.

Equally true is that Poseidon was frequently invoked by fishermen for help and ancient healing sanctuaries
might have been dedicated to him even before the spreading popularity of the cult of Apollo.

Additional connections can be made to indicate children they had together as well. The less known Krysaor becomes the king of Iberia while his brother, the famous Pegasos is associated with the Muses as well as the Spring of Inspiration itself.

In Greek mythology it is commonplace for marriages having being cursed by the gods to produce destructive, horrifying offspring or an entirely cured family line as in the case of Kadmos of Thebes. Clearly that is not the case with Poseidon and Medusa whose offspring perform valuable social functions instead of the debilitating ones that could be accepted from an unsanctioned act of coupling.

While it is true that Medusa gift is awe striking as is her appearance, such descriptions merely relegate her to the status of a recognized Other by humans, which according to several ancient civilizations, from Greeks to followers of Lao Tze, could signify a superhuman entity, a monster but with equal frequency, even a god.

In modern terms, the most famous of Gorgons may have difficulties integrating into society, but human rejection of her notwithstanding, Athena’s curse might contain in equal measure elements of perhaps unwanted and yet useful gift that ensures her status as much as it does her power, making her a worthy partner to one of the most interesting Olympians.

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Learning From Stones

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As the wheel begins another turn into the year 2009, we all begin to think of new beginnings, fresh starts, and new year’s resolutions.  To begin new ventures, or even to begin the ending of old habits, one must draw on inner  resources of courage.
     It is no coincidence that January’s birthstone, Garnet, is a stone of courage.  It’s strong empowering energy gives us the push to go forward…to do what we must.  It gives our gut feelings support, and we know that ‘IT’,  whatever ‘IT’ may be, can be done!  One step at a time is the best way, but the first jump…the first step must be made.  The energy and strength of garnet encourages our spirit on this path.
     Other  than strengthening our courage so that we may eagerly move forward, garnet has many other talents.  It is a wonderful healing stone as it cleanses and strengthens the aura.  As all illness starts in the aura, garnet’s cleansing and strength can help to nip illness in the bud.  This is best when garnet is constantly worn or carried so that it does not lose contact with the aura.
     Garnet’s cleansing abilities are also useful when giving or receiving psychic readings.  This is because our aura picks up gunk from everyone we come into contact with.  If when giving or receiving a reading, the aura is cluttered, things won’t be as clear as they otherwise could be.  Garnet cleansing out the auric area helps in this greatly, however.
The most widely seen garnets are the red ones.  This red can manifest itself in a manner of color ranges from a brownish orange to  a lighter red, to a very deep red, to a red that looks black unless held under an extremely bright light.  Green garnet isn’t as often seen, but it’s energy is very soothing.  Rainbow garnet is a more rare variety, and very lovely.  Like most of the earth’s children, garnet comes in many more colors than are commonly displayed in typical jewelry stores.  Each is unique, powerful, and lovely, and should be remembered.
Happy New Year, and Happy Stoning!
Morticia, JekyllHydeClub
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Review of Alchemy Gothic Viennese Nights Bat

I honestly usually prefer raised/3D designs for my extensive bat collection so I wasn’t sure what drew me to this piece. I kept thinking about it once I saw it online, though so eventually bought it several months back and have not taken it off. It’s just beautiful and the design is unique. It is light weight, sturdy and comfortable to wear, all of which are very important to me. It is elegant so can be worn with dressy outfits or to dress up a casual one and give it that special touch of spook. I love the ribbon slide closure as it’s comfortable, durable, won’t break, and is very to adjust to any size wrist so you won’t have to worry that the bracelet will e too big and slide off a smaller wrist or too small and press into your arm too much simply because you can make it any size you want in a blink. The fancy looking design on the clasp is also a nice touch as many designers don’t worry much over how nice the clasp itself looks. I have done an even more extensive review of this on our youtube channel simply because it’s so unique and I highly recommend this bracelet.