How alien plants learn to say ‘Feed me!’

Though the Original Little shop of Horrors from 1960 and the charming musical remake in 1986 do have some differences the important bits, the bits that tell the most about Dear old Audrey II, remain the same. Yes Audrey II is a mean green mother from Outer Space, and though he didn’t call himself this in the original movie, the idea that he was n alien plant form was there  as creator inspiration. We always assume that aliens are going to be smarter if they arrive here before  we find their world instead. If they’ve got world travel down they must know more than us.
So it’s no real surprise, considering this, that the mean green mother from outer space can talk and demand to be fed. One could still wonder how he learned English though. One theory could be that his fascinating abilities over mind control, hypnotism and such allows him an ability to mind merge, and through this process, to pick up any language he likes…Spanish, English, Latin…Java Script…Perhaps even Irish Gaelic considering in the world of Monster High he has a daughter named Venus mcFly. She’s a leaf off the old plant for she can control any mind just as well as her dear old dad!
Or an even better theory of how Audrey learned to talk,( I have 2 of them with the later being my favorite,) is that  when Audrey II tastes/ingests blood he is able to know, through this blood, all that the ‘donor knew, English included. So as soon as Audrey II tastes Seymour’s blood he learns a lot. Seamour’s knowledge combines with Audrey II’s cunning intelligence and our Mean Green Mother becomes unstoppable…Until he is stopped that is. Poor Audrey II! He was having so much fun.