Bellatrix Lestrange Rock Candy review!

This is a well made figure as are all of the rock candy offerings. Unlike some of the others, Bellatrix won’t stand at all without being on her stand, but once on it she stays well. Otherwise she’ll tumble over as if hexed. And speaking of hexes she’s holding her wand, ready to zap your enemies…or you if she’s having a bad day.
The figure is detailed even down to her famous bird skull pendant and her rings/bracelet. Her prisoner tattoo is also there and the Bella vibe is most definitely there. Like the other rock candy Funko figures she does not pose, but she’s so great she doesn’t need to as her pose is already very evocative of who she is, capturing the feel of the character perfectly. 5 out of 5 stars for sure, this figure is a must have for Potter and Lestrange fans!
Want to see her out of the packaging so you can check out that Funko Lestrange crazy hair? Check our video review here.