Salem RPG original pbm game

The year is 1630. The place Salem Massachusetts and here there be witches. Some good witches, some very bad witches, and the magicless good people whom they live amongst. Those witches who came to America running for their lives from the unwanted prospect of being eventually burned alive if they remained in Europe hoped to find the freedom to practice their magic. This was not to be so easy, though and some witches are simply too wicked. They stir up trouble and draw the notice of nonmagical eyes. Witch eventually turns against witch when those not so dark who only wish to heal and quietly practice their craft are suspected while the darkest of the dark witches still manage to hide in the shadows. Still there are some witch hunters that never give up.
Where do your characters fall in this? Shall they be puritans, good witches, very bad witches, or something else entirely? The something else entirely has much potential as we all know that witches can summon some very interesting creatures from the bowls of hell by the dark of the moon.
This game is an original concept, not based on any show or movie that involves Salem witches. It does however allow for canon characters to be brought in if they are from that period because Salem is Salem, after all. If you wish to play a canon, request it from the owners. Their story will likely change as this won’t be their Salem, just a general Salem with other characters, ETC, so keep that in mind.
Originals are of course welcome as well and encouraged. players can play as many characters as they like so long as they keep up with posting. Submit original bios to the owners after filling them out and they shall be approved in a reasonable amount of time. Please direct any questions to the owners when joining. or subscribe by email by sending a blank message with subscribe in the subject to

War against the White Walkers

This is game of thrones like you’ve never seen it before!
The dragon queen has reclaimed her birthright/her 7 kingdoms. However in the cold cold North beyond the wall no one cares and no thrones are respected by The Others. Queen Daenerys seeks to unite with the Wildlings to defeat this icy enemy. Where her dragons have fire to wield the enemy has ice that threatens to freeze the soul.
Dany began serving the lord of light when she had a vision in the house of the undying instructing her on how to regain her lost love, her son and stars Drogo from the otherside. The lord of light had his own reasons for this, but aren’t mortals ever the pawns of gods?
R’hllor, the lord of light, the god of fire has a brother…the god of ice and they war just as do those in the mortal realms of ice and fire.
Khal Drogo restored to the body of a Dothraki cousin with very similar features takes his place at Dany’s side to conquer the 7 kingdoms but not all believe he is who he seems. Some believe he is the Khal returned and respect him, claiming to see lands beyond death in his eyes. Others believe alright, but they mistrust and fear whatever walks in the flesh of this Dothraki king. The dragons obey him as much as they do their queen mother, though so many listen and follow.
If not for the war with The Others, Daenerys and Drogo would have put to death many of their enemies but surviving Lannisters, Baratheons, Greyjoys, Freys, ETC front their army instead. Let them die a more productive death or live in service to their rightful rulers.
    Danger as well as new opportunities abound.
Your character/characters, canon or original alike could find a place for themselves in any of the following factions or in a league of their own.
Any of the noble houses:
Red Priests:
Black priests (Others born)
Followers of the faceless
Dragon caregivers who go to war along with the dragons to supply them with food, healing ETC,
Those who remain in King’s Landing to hold the throne for Dany andDrogo whilst they are away at war. (These must be trusted for they will surely deal with much intrigue)
Drogo’s followers/hangers on who are awestruck by his return and wish to learn from him.
Dothraki loyal to Dany and Drogo
 and last but most terrifying, The Others themselves and their white walkers.
This is a pbm game. Many characters are available so don’t hesitate to ask. If you like someone who was killed in the series, this game is different and will consider a plot adjustment. Come and join the war.
or send a blank email to to subscribe via email. If you have questions before joining contact

Role play in LOTR

It seems to me that most fans of Lord of the Rings tend to stick to strict categories when playing characters within this setting, and always with the same kind of affiliation, Orcs are bad, humans are good.

I am not surprised therefore, that such rigidity takes away the fun, the space for growing and exploring which I expect from my role play campaigns. For myself, I don’t play standard characters too often, what would be the point?

Instead, I work within the world established by Tolkien but push the boundaries as much as I can, because there is a lot of unknowns still, a lot to work with and develop, if people don’t get stuck in “the author wrote it so it must be universally true,” ad idea rejected by a school of literary criticism generations before ours.

The bottom line: no RP world is dead, only the imagination that fuels it can be slowly killing itself. I say, venture out, and make Orcs with questionable motifs, additional races that have no right to exist in this world, different magical rules and history that only at times coincides with the established one. I certainly have, and never looked back myself.

Note: The featured image  is rather reminiscent of one unusual character I have been working with.


Feel free to just read the post and ignore all else, but if you are as much of a LOTR fan as we are, you might also find the following LOTR One Ring youtube video to be fun: