4 Best living dead dolls to have for Halloween, even if you hate dolls! By Jekyllhydeclub

Even if you, like us, hate you some dolls, these specific 4 Living Dead Dolls are the best…even perfect for Halloween decorating. None of them have hair and they’re all basically action figures with soft clothes so no bad doll vibes to be found here. They are easy to pose and these four in particular are very sturdy and well made. Compared to many others they can also be found affordably on ebay if you look.
Each of our top 4 have their own unique thing that makes them a perfect Halloween icon. Looking at each brings forth vividly a different aspect of this best of all haunting holidays. Not to mention each is very unique in its own right not only from other Halloween decor but from other living dead dolls as well, because lets face it after a while many of them begin to look similar. If you get all excited for the sight of pumpkins, ravens, scarecrows, witches, black cats and devils when you think Halloween, do read on as you won’t be disappointed.
4. Nicholas the devil! This demonic doll has a more sinister look when unmasked and more cute and playful with his mask on which leaves you 2 mood options for decor that you can switch around. He’s a fun and unique devil. My favorite Halloween aspect when it comes to him is his mask. It’s like the real ones you had as a kid…you know the ones… the cheap plastic ones with the elastic on the back. It just screams old Halloween memories and how can you top that? Just looking at him makes you want to dress up and go trick or treating.
3. And speaking of Trick-R-Treating…This next guy, Samhane or Sam for short is a totally Halloween icon. If you don’t believe us, just watch Trick R Treat the movie…Sam embodies Halloween with more than just his name. He stands for upholding the Halloween traditions and keeping the inner child alive in all of us. He is the Krampus of Halloween in some ways as Krampus also just wants to remind us to be happy and focus on the true meaning of the holiday rather than spoiling it with the wrong intentions. Sam’s iconic yet frightful pumpkin head make him just radiate Halloween perfection. Like Old Nick listed above, Sam also has AA mask so he is another piece of mood decor. Display him with his primitive scare crow mask on for Autumn or take it off to get right down to the Halloween spirit of the  day! Options are nice and like with Nick, his mask is easy on and easy off but not flimsy or difficult to manage. It is also well made and only comes off when you want it off, so in other words, complete perfection with all bases covered.
2. Okay there is a bit of a spoiler alert with this one…Children of the corn anyone? Go Throwback Halloween! Isaac the scarecrow shares our number 2 spot with his glaring red eyed raven pet dubbed Ole Crow by Mesco toys. For an accessory that comes with the main act, this raven is a good size and makes for great decor himself. His beak is open in a raucous caw and his eyes are glowing red. Purest perfection. And Isaac is a very unique and creepy looking scare crow. His claw hands make him, in some ways, reminiscent of his pet bird and gives him a special touch along with the stitches on his human looking face. The scare crow as well as the raven are both Halloween icons and Living Dead doesn’t disappoint.
1. Who doesn’t think of a witch and her black cat familiar when thinking Halloween? Now…it gets even better…Because Mesco has made a delightful mash up in the spooky witch cat Salem! Her old world dress brings vividly to mind shiver filled recollections of days of old. She is entirely black like any proper Halloween cat cat should be and her fangs bring forth perfectly her catty nature. We only wish a broom had been included with her but we found a small one for her to hold and she is perfect.
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Salem RPG original pbm game

The year is 1630. The place Salem Massachusetts and here there be witches. Some good witches, some very bad witches, and the magicless good people whom they live amongst. Those witches who came to America running for their lives from the unwanted prospect of being eventually burned alive if they remained in Europe hoped to find the freedom to practice their magic. This was not to be so easy, though and some witches are simply too wicked. They stir up trouble and draw the notice of nonmagical eyes. Witch eventually turns against witch when those not so dark who only wish to heal and quietly practice their craft are suspected while the darkest of the dark witches still manage to hide in the shadows. Still there are some witch hunters that never give up.
Where do your characters fall in this? Shall they be puritans, good witches, very bad witches, or something else entirely? The something else entirely has much potential as we all know that witches can summon some very interesting creatures from the bowls of hell by the dark of the moon.
This game is an original concept, not based on any show or movie that involves Salem witches. It does however allow for canon characters to be brought in if they are from that period because Salem is Salem, after all. If you wish to play a canon, request it from the owners. Their story will likely change as this won’t be their Salem, just a general Salem with other characters, ETC, so keep that in mind.
Originals are of course welcome as well and encouraged. players can play as many characters as they like so long as they keep up with posting. Submit original bios to the owners after filling them out and they shall be approved in a reasonable amount of time. Please direct any questions to the owners when joining.
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