Something strange about certain Etsy sellers/what we should know!

As a product reviewer myself and an avid shopper I can safely say I know what to look for when it comes to getting my money’s worth and so do you, I’m sure. It feels very shady, doesn’t it, when an Etsy seller puts a product up and has a high price on it yet they don’t explain why it is worth that much?
Recently I saw a plastic bat necklace for 15 dollars that measured less than an inch! It was under Vintage bat jewelry, ut the seller did not provide the necessary information to explain the price. How old is it? Why are they charging that freaking much for plastic? ETC. It just feels rude of the seller not to bother and to make us ask. I have better things to do as a shopper and unless I’m really in love with an item and have questions, if the seller doesn’t tell me the obvious I don’t bother asking. It’s like if they don’t care I won’t care.
 I also recently saw a bat keychain there for 30 some dollars with no explanation. It looked metal, but though there is a place provided for such, the seller couldn’t be bothered to list the material of the piece. They could not be bothered to say why they thought a bat keychain was worth 30 some dollars. Why should they? Well how often do you spend more than 5, 10 on a keychain? And if you do, you sure as heck know why, if it’s designer or something from a posh NYC department store, perhaps, right?

It’s strange. I see situations like the ones I listed above most  of all on that particular site. Granted I also see sellers providing all the information we could ever want to know there as well. Those sellers use the site options to the fullest and that’s the way it should be. When sellers don’t bother to give you information on their product or justify the price if it’s higher, it shows either a lack of respect for the buyer and their money or complete ignorance on the seller that this doesn’t occur to them, so either way it’s shady. Just some things to consider when shopping around and deciding where to put your money.


Carolyn Stoddard Dark Shadows action figure at last!

Lets face it. There have been, for some inexplicable reason, action figures made for shows that hardly took off while shows with huge fan followings like Addams family and Dark Shadows have been embarrassingly shunned. Yes playmates did make Addams action figures for the cartoon in the early 1990s, but they didn’t even complete the family, leaving Wednesday, Thing and It out of production and oddly figures for their 1960’s original show were neglected entirely. The Munsters were made a few times so why, cruel world?
Same goes for the beloved Gothic soap Dark Shadows. A few 12 inch figures of the 2 main dudes were produced but no 6 inchers and none of the girls! I started writing Carolyn in an original RPG and she ended up with a werewolf husband, no not QQuentin! It is original character, who interestingly enough looks a lot like Hugh Jackman. Come on, you know Carolyn and Hugh would be adorable together!
Anyway there are plenty of 6 inch figures of Hugh to be customized and plenty of great werewolf action figures, thank you Safari and Hotel Transilvania for giving us a few fun ones to choose from. No 6 inch Carolyn, though…Until Funko put out its rock candy barbie action figures. As soon as I saw these I knew they were full of customizable potential. I kept going back to Super Star Barbie with her flowing blonde hair and posh dress, thinking I ought to be able to use her for someone. Character after character of mine ran through my mind and was consequently rejected for one reason or other. None of them quite fit. Then my husband said it…”Doesn’t she look like Carolyn? And there it was. Not exactly but often action figures don’t look exactly like the actress anyway. So with that in mind, she works nicely, and I bring you…Carolyn Stoddard!
We reviewed this figure in our Rock Candy funko barbie haul on youtube, so check it out if you want to see her more clearly, and if you enjoy spooky awesomeness subscribe to our channel and hang out with us. And of course if you get yourself a Carolyn let us know as we love to chat and make spooky friends.

How to keep or lose your readers

In this article we will speak of writing methods that will keep your readers on the edge of their seats or send them looking for something else to read depending on how you use them. As avid readers and published authors ourselves, this is something we here at Jekyllhydeclub have given serious consideration to. As when making or selling an item, the best in the business is the avid shopper as they know what they want and don’t want. Same goes for reading/writing. This is geared toward fiction/books or short stories but it can most definitely apply to a blog as well. 
Think of what books or short stories you really loved reading and why. Then narrow the question down to asking yourself what about the initial part kept you reading or having you saying “never mind,” and going off to read something more palatable. Why did you like it right away, what had you hooked about the style and way the story was being presented? On the other end of that, in those stories that could not keep your interest what about them and their presentation had you saying ‘screw this,’?
Like a pirate, you need a good, no excellent hook!
 It is always good to hook the reader right away to ensure they don’t lose interest as finishing your story is kinda the point. Though the hook can be trickier than you think. There are several types of hooks, some good and bad and we’re going to cover them all here.
1. The invisible hook. This is not the hook you want as it’s basically not there at all. The story drags in the first few pages and nothing happens, nothing interesting is indicated, perhaps there is some necessary background information that the reader will need later, but it could be presented in a way that is more entertaining cause they’re not hooked now. When writing don’t think of later, think of yourself and if you would still be reading after the first few paragraphs or not. If not, think of what it needs objectively and find a creative way to make that happen. You can do that. You are a writer, after all, else you’d not be reading this now…unless you’re just really board, which we can dig…
Your reasons for a hook that tip toes are not relevant or useful to the reader because they may never stick around to find out why the dull boring and perhaps tedious first few pages really held such deep and necessary info. Remember they don’t know the future of this magnificent work the way you do. They know nothing so they need to find a reason to stick around, and it is entirely up to you to provide that reason.
2. THE SUBTLE HOOK. This isn’t always as easy to write but it is good and it works. The subtle hook is for those stories that do build up to things rather than being able to dive right into the midst of some intense action. Each story is its own person, or entity and they tell themselves in the way they wish to be presented. So if the story or the narrating character is telling you that, no this story can’t just plunge right into IT, at least not without ruining the feel you’re after, okay. That’s fine. But you need the subtle hook. In the subtle hook you are starting out mild enough, but something is being dropped to keep the reader intrigued, or raising brows. If the scene presents itself as a slow build up, you need to toss in some interesting facts or tidbits. For example, if your character needs to wake up, have coffee, and drive to work as something happens when they get there that needs to be shown, drop something interesting about the character via dialog or their own thoughts during the wake up or cup of coffee. If they are going o decide to solve crimes because of trauma they could be thinking how at least being tortured in highschool may have changed their views on most things, but they could still benefit from caffeine, and required a lot of it. One way in which they can relate to the rest of the world still.
Now the reader is thinking, “Damn, tortured in highschool? Like how?’ and they’ll keep reading.
Or if your character is a vampire and that’s no secret, yet the beginning of the book needs to be more slow, mention that bit right up front. Though the smell of coffee was tempting, it didn’t do much for a vampire, so Karen forced herself to ignore it. So right away we know this character is a vampire and we’re wondering where she works and why and we will keep reading.
3. THE KILLING HOOK. This may sound good, but it’s not. Killing in this case means it’s so big and vicious that you have killed the interest of the reader. You make such a big explosive entrance that the reader feels overwhelmed and confused. They are wondering if the rest of the story is going to be this confusing and overwhelming and they are likely to not want to risk it and just stop reading entirely…for good…for ever!
What makes a Killing Hook you ask? It’s when you try so hard to make a big flashy grab for the attention of your audience that you pile too much info and too much action onto their minds all at once. It feels to them as if they’re missing something or as if the author is piling an e entire novel’s worth of info into a few paragraphs. Your reader is wondering if they maybe started reading in the middle of a series as it feels like there is entirely too much going on for this to be a true beginning.
 It sort of feels the way it looks when you see someone with entirely too much jewelry on. Like you can’t admire each piece as there is so much clutter you can’t really pick out one from another. Then it’s just ugly when it comes down to it. A true case of you can’t see the forest for the trees.
 There is no build up. You’re thinking, but if a good story grabs the reader right away, and too much of a build up is boring, wtf?  Well that is a good question and leads into our final hook.
4. THE MEAT HOOK! This is juicy and delicious like your favorite burger or stake, and because of this, you will keep eating…ur reading! This gives you a nice big point of information that is so intriguing or shocking that you can’t resist reading on to find out what is going on. Notice I said one bit of information. One big bang, a single bang, not a long roaring barrage of info of the sort presented in THE KILLING HOOK.
Karen’s hands were shaking as she handed her boss his third cup of coffee because she didn’t know how to tell him that there was a human head in the toilet…a talking human head!
Hell after that you could probably get away with at least a few paragraphs of boring background with a hook like that. One or two really captivating lines is all you need. Not too much info, but really good info right off the bat, or hook as it were.
So we hope you have gathered that hooks 2 and 4 are the ones you most desire and the others are the sort you wish to avoid. When you write something and you begin working on your second draft, keep this in mind. If the beginning lags just think of how to fiddle with it until it has a good hook and it will truly build your confidence in the story. In your ability to sell it as well as in how it shall be received by others.

What should you start teaching kids at a early age about sex

Okay you’re probably thinking that when kids are super little the last thing they need to be thinking about is sex. Hell enough of them get pregnant too early anyway, lets not start them off sooner. I agree with you entirely if your thinking this. After I explain what I’m talking about, you will initially believe me to be a pervert, so be warned. I may be a pervert, a little at least, but not on this particular topic. It may not seem so when you read what I’m about to say but be patient and you’ll get it and go right back to agreeing with me.
People really need to teach kids at a young age not to swallow. Never ever to swallow! OOr even to put toys in their mouth in the first place. The damn things are full of germs, but really swallowing them isn’t only bad and dangerous it’s stupid. Rather than sewing companies when their kids swallow tiny or even middle sized toy parts, the parents should be sued for having stupid kids or at best said parents should be too embarrassed about having such stupid kids to sue. It isn’t the toy company’s fault and there shall always be small objects in the world that a dumb kid can swallow and consequently hurt themselves with. There is no way to take all small objects from the world and thus remove them from the paths of stupid kids.
I was reading this article about so called dangerous toys that were banned…And I was all ready to have nightmares tonight, but no. A lot of them were harmless unless some dumb kid does something insanely stupid like yeah swallowing them. So teach your kids not to swallow and enjoy the article below that I did not write.

Honest disappointed review of Alchemy Gothic, Black Cat Sith hairslide

I’m not overly picky, and I want to say that first. I know some people that are very particular and I’m pretty easy to please, but when I spend good money, isn’t it all good, I need to feel I did not get screwed with!
Like the single studs Alchemy Gothic sells in so many earrings, this black cat sith hair slide feels like an attempt to make you buy 2. For one 2 is expensive and for 2, at least be honest and give the option to buy them as a set to indicate how tiny the clip is.
They did give the measurement for this but the clip is so tiny it hardly holds any hair. WTF is the point? Especially as the cat is very nice sized. Would make a great piece did it hold enough hair for a decent style. My point is to make it easier one would simply buy 2 and spend aprox 40 dollars to make their hair perrfect. LOL.
There are some styles one can work with using a tiny clip and I’ll show a few on our youtube channel when I review this probably tomorrow and I’ll update this with a link as I’m all bout being helpful.
My main problem here is that the company should’ve openly stated, as I have seen people do before, that this clip really wont hold much hair at all. Period, say it!
Yes they were honest and gave the measurements but depending on clip construction it still could’ve held more hair so it should’ve been stated, and would have if they wanted their customers to be fully satisfied. Sadly I feel few companies think about that enough for whatever reason.
The cat itself is 3d, and full of life like energy. The catly vibe and spooky witchy feeling is totally carried across in this feline’s stalking pose and 3D detail. I always love the craftsmanship of this company and that still holds. This is made well and the cat is blackened pewter and I love me some black cats. As I hoped it will look great with my outfits.
But as it’s main function is a hair clip and it holds so little actual hair I am giving it a 3 stars out of 5.
There re other places to find this cheaper in the us, ebay for example, but here is the main site and the listing for this slide for your use or reference.

Haunted 1940s wire sound recorder

Beware the antiques, for they hold a history, and sometimes more than that. Sometimes history has life trapped in it, like a recorder itself playing over and over again. I never considered that before. I just always loved antiques, was fascinated by the history behind them, and the story they told that could always teach me something fascinating about how things used to be. That is until one particular antique taught me a little…no a lot more than I ever wanted to know.
Our little town is full of antique stores, so eventually everyone ends up going into at least one of them. To be honest a lot of them are just bullshit and call themselves antique stores but they’re only junk shops masquerading under a disguise of quaint for those who confuse quaint with old and actually cool. There is one antique shop in town that’s actually worth its salt. It has a film machine from civil war times (Huge) and a turn of the century Russian Samovar (Tea kettle Russian style). So I’m talking really old cool stuff that you won’t see in any junk shops. I picked up 2 cameras on my first visit from the late 1800s. They’re box cameras and the flash still works on both. Even cooler they were only like 16 dollars each. So impressed as I was, I went back several times just to look. I didn’t buy again until my 4th visit when I stumbled across an interesting and working wire sound recorder from the 1940s. This isn’t something you’d recognize as a recorder if you’re thinking tape, and that fascinated me.
It’s big, it records on wire tape, it has a large external microphone and a foot switch. Pretty rad and definitely something different to show off in my house with all my other uniquely creepy decor. I was a little daunted at first when it came to learning how to use the thing as the concept seemed so foreign, but the owner of the antique shop is a really nice guy so he took the thing out of its case completely, plugged it in, and showed me the ropes.
Because I love horror and creeping myself out I thought it’d be cool to record myself singing. Having my own voice sounding like it came from back then on old crappy audio was pretty fun. So I bought it and took it home. Of course it wasn’t as low priced as the cameras, but I felt the price well worth it. I set it up as soon as I got it home and began listening to the recordings on the old wire reels. I look back a little fondly on how exciting my feeling of discovery was. I was sharing the long dead past and for my history loving self it was a thrill!
The first reel had a creepy sounding little kid singing and I decided to record over that one first. I recorded myself singing as it was one of the things I was really looking forward to doing and it was as old sounding and cool as I’d hoped. I spent some time calling my friends and family and making them listen to it. I made them try to guess who it was. To my extreme delight they all thought it sounded old and were shocked and impressed to discover it was me singing on an old 1940s recorder I’d just gotten for myself. I’m not ashamed to say I played with that thing for  hours. It was a complete regression to childhood, and it was awesome! Not until my final phone call did the shit start going down. Things got really weird and scary then.
Rather than me making the phone call, this time, someone called me. It was my best friend returning my call. I’d actually called her first, and she hadn’t been home so I delighted in leaving the creepy sound of myself singing 1940s style on her voice mail.
“How’d you get yourself to sound that freaking creepy,” she demanded, laughing.
Yep she was the only person to guess it was me right away! When I explained about my new old acquisition she insisted I put her on speaker phone so she could sing her own creepy 1940s style song. I gleefully did just that saying that speaker phone mode sounded crappy already so this was going to be awesome. Just to be funny, she sang a Rihanna song, saying it would be even more amusing hearing Work, sounding like it had originally come out in the 1940s. I told her she’d sound even more antique than I did, like Eddison style talking dolls or something on speaker phone like that. And she would’ve, if it had been her voice on the reel when I played it back!
To be continued. Hit a like and subscribe for more if you enjoyed this and want to hear more! And if you don’t know what I mean by Eddison’s dolls, you gotta hear this shit.

Best Ghetto workout that really works!

wanted to share another way I lost weight once when I put on 20 LBS when in massage school due to stress and constant study. I would not be able to eat while stressed and studying. Then I’d take my test and pass with a high score when I was quite certain I’d fail. After that, I’d relief binge eat from the school’s snack machines because I was able to be hungry again once the stress was over. And boy was I hungry, due to not eating right earlier. So yeah, I put on 20 lbs in like 6 months.
Luckily I lived in an apartment that had an upstairs where the bedrooms were and a downstairs with the living room and kitchen and dining area, so I decided to run my weight off on the stairs. I mean running is good, and climbing stairs is good, especially for that ass, and combine the two, and you’re rockin’.
You don’t have to live in an apartment with an upstairs to it, though doing so is pretty rockin’ too. If you have stairs outside and are willing to overlook the strange gazes of your neighbors that shall surely insue, those are fine too.
If you are trying this outside in the summer, stick with evenings or early mornings before it gets hot as running in the heat isn’t wise. If it’s in the winter, it’s fine as the running will warm you up. I did this several times a day just running up and down really fast, holding the rail to make sure I didn’t kill myself trying to lose weight, and it really worked. I’d just do it when I had a minute, or passed the staircase so I’d feel all disciplined and shit. I would run up and down once or twice, then rest, not even getting too winded unless I was especially board, then I”d run my ass off for as long as I felt like it. Like with the weightloss drinks in my other recent article, in a handful of months those unwanted pounds were off.

Easiest workout free weightloss /No pills or starvation!

First here’s why this is such a winning weight loss method.
You don’t have to stop eating the things you like!
 You don’t have to be hungry if you do this right!
 It isn’t expensive!
 You don’t have to take diet pills!
 It worked for me. I lost 15 lbs in around 3 months of doing this steadily no slip ups.
It was so awesome because I didn’t even realize I’d dropped that much until I tried on an outfit that had been far too tight when I got pissed off and decided it was time to diet. (Having expensive clothes without enough stretch in them can be motivating like that.)
I tried the outfit on and screamed in delighted shock when it fit perfectly. I had no idea I’d dropped that much. And if you’re thinking that wasn’t fast enough, 5 lbs a month is fine as if you lose more you get nasty skin hanging and…Puke…
Now for the down side for some people. It takes discipline. You have to stick with it. You have to chug a drink when you’re feeling hungry for 2 meals a day and eat whatever you want for dinner. See you get rewarded at the end of the day! What other diet does that? Again that’s what I did and it works.
 These drinks, if consumed quickly, (don’t sip and savor for too long as it allows the hunger to creap in and you may cave,) will keep you from being hungry. You won’t suffer from hunger pangs because the drink does give you all the vitamins, minerals, neutrience, that you need. Your health isn’t going to suffer as you are well supplied. And the drinks are around 3 dollars and some for 6 of them so while you lose weight you save a ton on your food bill.
A bit of advice, especially if you live with other people who aren’t going on a diet, drink one of these right before they eat so the smell of food won’t turn you into a rabid animal. If you do you really won’t be hungry.
 The drinks come in chocolate, French vanilla and strawberry, so you get yummy options. I personally enjoyed all 3 flavors so I could mix and match as it were. They are called weightloss drinks by Equate, and they, like so many other hidden treasures, are at Wal Mart! There are similar drinks out there but these really work and cost far less, thus making it easier to stick with it because you can afford to have plenty on hand.
You can buy them in store or online here:

Where have the little shop of horrors action figures/toys been hiding?

 We got your man eating plant right here! Audrey has been attending monster high, sort of. We’re talking about the pet of his supposed daughter Venus Mcfly. The pet is really her daddy in disguise, though. Shhhh. It’s obvious to all we fans of classic horror and man eating plants and botany and toys and all that, but if Monster High just came out and said, “Hey we finally made you all a bad ass Audrey II toy that eats paper,” they’d probably have to pay a lot more. So they rearranged his leaves and named him Chewlian but we know…yes?
He’s adorable, about 3 inches and 3D with that mouth of deadly chompers we all know and love. His monster high gimmick is he eats paper/your secrets if you wanna write them down and feed them to him. In essence a paper shredder. The downside is it doesn’t work very well but really it’s an Audrey II action figure so who cares!
It’s not that expensive and it’s very well made. Of course Venus McFlytrap comes with a small little one that’s like an inch and doesn’t do anything if you buy her doll, so if you’d rather have that instead of the one who’s mouth opens and closes when you turn a little paper shredding crank on his side…well that’s there for you too. And hey the more Audrey II the better! If you want to get the paper shredding awesome version, check him out here.
Don’t forget to share this with all the Little Shop of Horrors fans you know who are all suffering without Audrey II toys to sit on their desk and threaten unwanted visitors!

Unusual Ways to Get Blogging Ideas

You always want to write what people are interested in reading, right?

But how do you find what it is your prospective reader is looking for?

The Google Adsense Keyword Tool is often mentioned as the answer to your every need and it does seem to work.

What if you are starting out and want to explore free options first?

Here are my three answers.

Social Network Search

Unlike Tumblr, Twitter is known for the kind of search algorithm that even other leading networks wouldn’t mind utilizing.

To use it to its full capacity as a blogger, you might want to explore the current trends, which is feasible even without having a twitter account, such as here:

Equally capable is the Instagram search that Facebook wisely purchased before it could become a competitor.

Even if you have no time for IG, here is one site that allows you to check for its trends:

Youtube search

Youtube is, as we all know, the second leading search engine.

Despite being owned by Google, its search results are not always compatible with Google in page ranks or precedence. It has its own menu for trending topics:

Although some of them would prove irrelevant to you, such as weather or politics, those on the lower part of the trending page may work out.

If not, the regular youtube search itself for relevant tags in your area would bring up the most popular videos.

Q/A sites

I don’t think this option is listed by many Youtubers, Bloggers or SEO Experts, but it does work for me.

After all, how better to learn what the people want then from their own mouth, when they ask you a question.

I have been harvesting Yahoo Answers for blogging ideas  and when it lost its momentum, switched to Quora.

If you explore both sites at length you will discover than many questions are not isolated from each other, they are often recurrent, because people tend to be interested in the same topics.

Movies, literature, life experiences, survey questions, many of them follow an established trend that makes me understand what my readers want to know about.


Although well understood in principle, the idea to write for an interested audience has many different applications.

You probably have your favorite methods of figuring out your target audience for blogging. If you want to share, feel free to leave your own ideas in the comments.