Top 5 awesome Halloween songs that no one ever thinks about

If you want some spooky tracks for Halloween that aren’t the usual standards but are still delightfully eerie look no further~! These are also great in that they will suit most everyone’s musical styles and tastes. Timelessly spooky, not too hard or too soft…Yeah if Goldy Locks is into Halloween these will be just right for her for sure!
5. I walked with a zombie, by Roky Erickson! Honestly all of this guy’s songs are perfect Halloween music! He sings about all things scary, but I had to pick one for this article. As zombies just keep…rising to popularity, his zombie tune seemed fitting. This song is so brilliant because it only has like 1 line, literally, and it still completely and utterly bloody rocks!!!! It is catchy, spooky and like any proper ghost will get stuck in your head and haunt you forever! Or maybe just on Halloween? The melody is haunting and beautiful, and the musical arrangement darkly perfect. Listen to I walked with a zombie for free here.
4. Devil woman, by Cliff Richard.  This song has it all. Witchy potions! A witch’s familiar in the form of a black cat haunting the neighborhood at the behest of a dark haired beautiful witch. I especially love the line about the crystal ball on the table showing the future, the past. Just spooky, witchy, catchy, not at all cute, and definitely perfect for Halloween. Listen to Devil woman free here.
3. Rickity Tickity Tin, Cover by The Women Folk. A million people, literally a million, covered this frightful Irish ballad, but I love this version. It is performed by women about a crazy las who did her family in in some spooktacular ways that are sure to give you nightmares…especially if you happen to have a crazy relative who don’t like you much, right? As The Women Folk say at the beginning of this delightfully horror filled tune, it is a duet meant for nails and chalkboards! Their version has the most old spooky feel so I believe it carries the intention of the song across most properly. Listen to Rickity Tickity Tin free here and if you want a spooky bed time story look up the lyrics while you’re at it. She even kills her baby brother! I mean…the las has no limits!
2. The Siege and Investiture of Baron von Frankenstein’s Castle at Weisseria, By Blue Oyster Cult. Like Roky Erickson, this band basically only sings Halloween songs, but I had to pick one, so here it is. Pop culture loves to put Frankenstein into the Halloween mix, and this song is about him…more true to the book in wording and old world feel, it’s like you’re taking a spooky trip right back to the early 1800s. Listen to s
The Siege and Investiture of Baron von Frankenstein’s Castle at Weisseria free here:
1. Happy Phantom, By Tori Amos. While this fantastic lady’s general dark lyrics and classic style make her generally perfect Victorian Gothic music, I always wondered why this particular dark little ditty wasn’t on a ton of Halloween CDS already. It’s one of those darkly cheerful songs that has you feeling good about the day when you become a ghost…or rather a happy phantom. Listen to Happy Phantom free here:
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Meaning of rabbits in season of the witch

“Two rabbits running in the ditch,” goes the line in that delightfully spooky song Season of the Witch by Donovan. Rabbits are also shown in some Fall motifs. As we often associate rabbits with Spring, Easter and fertility I never particularly thought of them as a fall representation until that song…
Then I put some thought into why. Rabbits symbolize fertility and boundless energy. The harvest, the season of the witch, is the culmination of all the growing after Spring planting. The harvest also requires energy to reap. It also symbolizes fertility because we also want a fertile plentiful harvest. A good fertile Spring makes for a good Harvest.

Best Halloween songs

People like us over at Jekyllhydeclub on youtube are already getting ready for Halloween. As items begin showing up in the stores, the delicious spooky feeling takes us over, and it’s just how we like it! Halloween hauls begin and the spooky music comes out even more frequently than usual. Autumn is coming and so are the spooks. This article is in response/food for thought for the 2 different sorts of articles that are written on the topic of Halloween music.
 The first is the sort listing all the Halloween songs we know and love as those to feature at your party. I.E Monster Mash, Love Potion Number 9, Thriller, and you get the point. That’s all well and scary, but we already know. Then there are the articles offering unknown songs as the ones to go for at your party. Songs that no one knows are really gonna get things moving. Right. Not. No one is gonna throw down to some weird tunes they’ve never heard before and that sound more weird than particularly spooky. Also those unknown songs are reported to be somehow better than Ghost Busters, I Put a Spell on You, and Purple People Eater because they are more twisted and horrifying and screwed up.So…when did Halloween stop being Spooky dark fun that could end in tricks or treats and become twisted, horrifying and screwed up? The answer is it didn’t, so people who bash the good Halloween spooky songs in favor of, for example, Throbbing Gristle, are missing the point of Halloween entirely.
 I mean come on people! I’m more into Throbbing Gristle and that sort of thing for Easter. HAHA, just kidding. But truly Twisted Dark, Morbid and Horrifying aren’t really suitable for Halloween any more than they are for Easter. People who believe otherwise don’t understand the true SPIRIT, as it were, of Halloween. When they write articles about such songs being too scary for Halloween they’re exactly right. Halloween can be scary but scary and twisted are different though they can at times hang out together when the mood strikes. Just not necessarily on Halloween.
The people who bash the traditional Halloween songs like Nosferatu, Night of the Vampire, and Ghost of John because they’re not sick enough can’t appreciate spooky over straight twisted horror. I’m not bashing twisted horror. I love me some Clive Barker as much as anyone…He’s just not what comes to mind on Halloween. The traditional songs leave you creeped out but in a delightful sort of way. If this wasn’t the way it should be, there wouldn’t be Halloween parties…There would only be Halloween slaughters. I mean it’s not rocket science.
I saw one article saying people only play those songs during the Halloween season and not all year, and somehow for them, this made the songs unsuitable for Halloween. Um…Okay? First of all I do play them all year just as I leave up Halloween decorations, but those who don’t, feel it’s more special to do such things only in the Autumn. To appreciate them more. I do play them even more frequently around that time of year to make it more…special.
You don’t see Santa’s elves rockin’ out to Jingle Bells in May, after all. Okay you really don’t SEE Santa’s elves precisely but…you get the point. It’s called Seasonal Music for a reason! Hello!

Salem RPG original pbm game

The year is 1630. The place Salem Massachusetts and here there be witches. Some good witches, some very bad witches, and the magicless good people whom they live amongst. Those witches who came to America running for their lives from the unwanted prospect of being eventually burned alive if they remained in Europe hoped to find the freedom to practice their magic. This was not to be so easy, though and some witches are simply too wicked. They stir up trouble and draw the notice of nonmagical eyes. Witch eventually turns against witch when those not so dark who only wish to heal and quietly practice their craft are suspected while the darkest of the dark witches still manage to hide in the shadows. Still there are some witch hunters that never give up.
Where do your characters fall in this? Shall they be puritans, good witches, very bad witches, or something else entirely? The something else entirely has much potential as we all know that witches can summon some very interesting creatures from the bowls of hell by the dark of the moon.
This game is an original concept, not based on any show or movie that involves Salem witches. It does however allow for canon characters to be brought in if they are from that period because Salem is Salem, after all. If you wish to play a canon, request it from the owners. Their story will likely change as this won’t be their Salem, just a general Salem with other characters, ETC, so keep that in mind.
Originals are of course welcome as well and encouraged. players can play as many characters as they like so long as they keep up with posting. Submit original bios to the owners after filling them out and they shall be approved in a reasonable amount of time. Please direct any questions to the owners when joining. or subscribe by email by sending a blank message with subscribe in the subject to

Greek Mythology/Hera/Mythology Interpretation

Those Insightful Greeks 4
    Greek mythology is very practically oriented.
Instead of glorifying the gods as others have done,
Greek deities were deliberately portrayed imperfect so
that humans would be able to learn from them. High and
mighty the gods may be, with great powers and beauty,
but they have challenges to overcome as much as the
rest of us, and as many times as not, they fail in
The Power to Express
    Hera, the Queen of the gods is also one of the
most unfortunate among the Olympians. Coaxed by the
cunning thunder god Zeus into marrying her, she is
later subjected to a series of betrayals by her
husband. Moreover, she is never allowed to express her
disgruntlement properly. Each time she would try, the
mightiest of all gods would punish her. Forced to
suppress her pain of betrayal Hera resorts to
    She is perceived by the Greeks as the most
bothersome and cruel goddess of all. The heroes who
win her favor usually regret it later; the prophets
endowed with her gift of prophecy always preach doom
and gloom. Since the emotion of hurt is not able to
come out the right way, the goddess brings it into all
of her dealings. However well she means, she spreads
her pain around, sometimes even unconsciously. Her
case teaches us another important lesson. Many people
hold the erroneous belief that if they cannot fix the
situation that bothers them, there is no point in
expressing their feeling of upset.
    They should ask themselves then if there is a
point in keeping quiet, if that helps to resolve
anything. Sometimes, aside from false considerations of comfort,
the answer would be ‘no.’ As for
expressing the emotions, there is a very clear purpose
to it. Expressing them in the right manner lets those
feelings go. It vacates that space within which they
occupy, gives the freedom to think and concentrate on
the solution to the problem.
Proper expression makes
sure that wherever the person goes, he doesn’t
unintentionally carry the pain around. The great
goddess failed to learn that lesson, how about you?

War against the White Walkers

This is game of thrones like you’ve never seen it before!
The dragon queen has reclaimed her birthright/her 7 kingdoms. However in the cold cold North beyond the wall no one cares and no thrones are respected by The Others. Queen Daenerys seeks to unite with the Wildlings to defeat this icy enemy. Where her dragons have fire to wield the enemy has ice that threatens to freeze the soul.
Dany began serving the lord of light when she had a vision in the house of the undying instructing her on how to regain her lost love, her son and stars Drogo from the otherside. The lord of light had his own reasons for this, but aren’t mortals ever the pawns of gods?
R’hllor, the lord of light, the god of fire has a brother…the god of ice and they war just as do those in the mortal realms of ice and fire.
Khal Drogo restored to the body of a Dothraki cousin with very similar features takes his place at Dany’s side to conquer the 7 kingdoms but not all believe he is who he seems. Some believe he is the Khal returned and respect him, claiming to see lands beyond death in his eyes. Others believe alright, but they mistrust and fear whatever walks in the flesh of this Dothraki king. The dragons obey him as much as they do their queen mother, though so many listen and follow.
If not for the war with The Others, Daenerys and Drogo would have put to death many of their enemies but surviving Lannisters, Baratheons, Greyjoys, Freys, ETC front their army instead. Let them die a more productive death or live in service to their rightful rulers.
    Danger as well as new opportunities abound.
Your character/characters, canon or original alike could find a place for themselves in any of the following factions or in a league of their own.
Any of the noble houses:
Red Priests:
Black priests (Others born)
Followers of the faceless
Dragon caregivers who go to war along with the dragons to supply them with food, healing ETC,
Those who remain in King’s Landing to hold the throne for Dany andDrogo whilst they are away at war. (These must be trusted for they will surely deal with much intrigue)
Drogo’s followers/hangers on who are awestruck by his return and wish to learn from him.
Dothraki loyal to Dany and Drogo
 and last but most terrifying, The Others themselves and their white walkers.
This is a pbm game. Many characters are available so don’t hesitate to ask. If you like someone who was killed in the series, this game is different and will consider a plot adjustment. Come and join the war.
or send a blank email to to subscribe via email. If you have questions before joining contact

One million easy ways to D.I.Y an awesome Gothic bracelet, bats, pentagrams and more

love jewelry. I love Gothic stuff and bats and witchy stuff and gargoyles and bats….and…and…and buying jewelry…oh and I also lean toward expensive tastes so while I do buy I don’t end up buying everything that I see that I feel would look simply charming on me.
In order to keep myself from pining away for want of all the expensive bracelets out there, I put my creative thrifty side to work. I may be creative and thrifty but I’m a bit lazy and tend toward impatient as well…so all my awesomely crafty ideas for Gothic and witchy jewelry are very easy to make. And when I say easy I mean easy…not the  way some others mean it when they say easy, and the more you watch their videos or read their how to’s the wider your eyes grow in incredulity that anyone thought that was easy!
My D.I.Y jewelry ideas are not that sort…they don’t require loads of pricy equipment that you don’t have or want to buy and they don’t take more than a few minutes to make while still looking expensive and well put together. You will spend 10 dollars aprox or less and your completed bracelet will look as though it easily cost 50. Cause that’s how we roll.
Check out my quick and easy videos of the various bracelets I did and leave me a comment if you end up making any for yourself or tag me on instagram at jekyllhydeclub
Each link has a brief description above  it so you’ll know what sort of bracelet you’re about to watch me tell you how to make.
Bracelets made from pendants that are pentagrams, bats for one and gargoyles for the other, awesome styles and look way more expensive. My personal favorites though it’s hard to choose.
Bat bracelet made from a necklace, very easy and awesome looking/not a charm dangle
Bat bracelet made from a metal bat loop back button, not a charm dangle
In which i turn a bat ring from spirit Halloween into one of the best bat bracelets ever, Victorian looking and most striking.
These are earrings that I turned into bracelets due to the fact, for me, their too large for earrings but make awesome good sized centerpiece dangle charms. One is black bat wings with a red stone, very Gothic and the other is a lovely example of Victorian, Steampunk Gothic with a claw holding a ball.

Easily grow your own long strong nails

If you would love to grow your own nails and not mess with acrylics or salon this article is for you. If you have tried everything to grow your nails and they keep breaking I feel you! I have discovered a solution. My solution is not expensive to do. Cost me 2 dollars like 6 months ago and I still don’t need to buy more. I’m good with dollar tree though Even if your not down with Dollar tree, even if you like the expensive stuff you still won’t spend more  than 10 dollars a year for your long perfect strong natural nails. Watch my video to find out how to DIY that  right now!

Yummy Protein egg and seed snack, not for the birds!

This is fast, easy and yummy. You don’t have to be into cooking to make this happen and it’s good as well as good for you Fantastic for that pre or post workout energy boost or just that boost to combat the summer heat.
You will need: eggs
shelled sunflower seeds
sea salt if they are unsalted
Unsalted is best as then you can sea salt them yourself adding as much ass you like and you know the salt will be  the healthiest.
If the sunflower seeds are unsalted put them in a ziplock then sprinkle in some salt. Zip the bag up and shake well for a few seconds. Try a nibble and see if it’s enough salt. Start small so you don’t over salt as  little goes a long way and the first time will probably be enough salt.
Boil the eggs and peal them. Then slice 1 or 2 eggs, 3 if you’re extra hungry, into 4ths or so. Sprinkle each with about half a tea spoon of he salty seeds.They should stick to the white  and yolk of the egg long enough to get it into your mouth. Simple bight sized goodness that is so filling, good for you and satisfies the salty protein craving.
 If you like this boil a carton of eggs up so they’ll already be chilled in the refrigerator and waiting for you when ever you need this quick fix of goodness.
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